Dr. B.S. Rajput, Consultant Ortho-Oncology Surgeon, Liverpool UK, on Stem Cell Transplant

Those who are suffering from muscular dystrophy, especially from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Stem Cell Transplant has come as a revolution in the treatment of these children.

Earlier these children used to die by the age of 21 years but now we are able to save more than 80% children from this deadly disorder.

Other than that we are also using these stem cells in several cerebral palsy and global developmental delay, autism and down syndrome.

These stem cells are coming up as new drugs. I recently delivered a lecture on stem cells as new age medicines at A4M conference which is basically dedicated regenerative medicine and anti-aging.

I hope that through Healthwire, my words will reach many people that now patients have options in intractable diseases where they are not destined to die but instead can be saved and their quality of life can be improved by stem cell transplant.

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