Doctors recover keys, coins, knife from patient’s stomach in Rajasthan

Udaipur: In a jaw dropping case, doctors at a Rajasthan hospital have removed slew of metallic items, including keys, coins and a knife, from the stomach of a mentally-ill patient, according to a media report.

The case was reported from one of the government hospital in Udaipur after it received a 35-year-old patient with complaints of severe stomach ache, the ANI news agency reported on June 18.

After the initial investigation which did not yield much result, the doctors decided to conduct a ultra sound test of the patient following which they were stunned to see the actual cause of the pain.

“We found several metallic items that included a chillum, keys, and coins inside a patient’s stomach,” said DK Sharma, surgeon at the hospital, which was not named in the report.

The team of doctors without delaying the case further operated the patient and removed the objects that weighed 800 gm in total.

Also, the doctors revealed that the patient is mentally unsound and an addict, the report said.

Apart from the metallic items, various other things such as smoking pipes, pieces of cloth, safety pin and a long wire were also found, the report said.

Doctors revealed that following the surgery, the patient is under the observation of the doctors with improvement in his health.


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