Doctors Association Jammu To Hold Protest On June 1 Against Ramdev’s Remarks On Allopathy

Doctors Association Jammu (DAJ) will hold a protest on June 1 against Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev's "irresponsible statements" about COVID warriors and modern medicine.

Doctors Association Jammu (DAJ) will hold a protest on June 1 against Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev’s “irresponsible statements” about COVID warriors and modern medicine.

The DAJ in a statement said, he should face the consequences of his “irresponsible and despicable public statements” and also urged the Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to instruct necessary action against Ramdev in a statement.

Without hampering the care given to the patients amid the pandemic the protest will be held. To be the part of the protest the doctors will wear black bandages. The Federation of Resident Doctors’ Association (FORDA) India, also declared that they would hold a nationwide protest against the Yoga guru’s statement.

“The statement of Ramdev at a time when frontline healthcare workers are waging a war against an invisible enemy. To utter such irresponsible and callous statements is highly condemnable,” President of the DAJ, Dr Balvinder Singh was quoted in the statement.

Singh said, such “vitriolic and hateful statements” against doctors mocks them and their sacrifice, adding that instead of showing gratitude, Ramdev was seen mocking them in the most “shallow perverse manner”.

Dr. Manjeet Singh, the general secretary of the association, said that Ramdev has raised a question mark on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government, by challenging the treatment guidelines and it was the government’s job to ‘make him face the full force of the law.”

The Indian Medical Association (IMA), on Wednesday, had urged to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take proper action under sedition and other charges against Ramdev for allegedly “spearheading a misinformation campaign on COVID vaccination”.

A legal notice had been sent to the Yoga Guru over his alleged statements against allopathy and “defaming” scientific medicine.

The association had said in its statement that, “IMA brings to the notice of our Health Minister, a video circulating in social media portraying, the celebrated Yoga Guruji saying that ‘modern allopathy ek aisi stupid aur diwaliya science hai’ (modern allopathy is a stupid and failed science).”

However, all the allegations have been denied by the Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust put by the IMA that Ramdev has misled people by making “unlearned” statements against allopathy and defamed scientific medicine.

Ramdev had withdrawn his statements after receiving a strong-worded letter from Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan who called his remarks ‘inappropriate’.

“We do not oppose modern medical science and allopathy. We believe that allopathy has shown immense progress in surgery and the lifesaving system and served humanity. My statement has been quoted as part of a WhatsApp message that I was reading during a meeting of volunteers. I am sorry if it has hurt anyone’s sentiment,” Ramdev in his letter to the Union Health Minister in Hindi wrote.

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