Diabetes And Monsoon Time: 10 Steps All Diabetics Should Follow Every Day To Stay Healthy

Monsoon brings with itself a lot of bliss, a distinct yet satisfying petrichor, and an unbeatable urge for snacks.

-Aman Puri, Founder, Steadfast Nutrition

Monsoon brings with itself a lot of bliss, a distinct yet satisfying petrichor, and an unbeatable urge for snacks. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial for us to design a new cover schedule in order to keep the health problems at bay associated with noxious eating habits.

Given below are few suggestions that every Diabetic must follow to remain healthy during the monsoon season –

  1. Hydration is the key- ‘Polydipsia’ is a clinical condition that causes excessive dryness of mouth & hence make diabetics thirsty persistently, therefore it becomes utmost important to maintain optimum hydration.
  1. Dealing with the diabetic foot- Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can lead to Diabetic foot, which leads to pus formation, this is quite distressful, therefore, choosing a comfortable pair of Footwear can ease the pain & discomfort in the rainy weather.
  2. Safeguard yourself from number of potential infections– Diabetes leads to diminished ability of the wounds to get healed and one gets more vulnerable to environmental & bacterial infections. Hence, it is strongly recommended to avoid open footwear
  3. Big NO-NO to neglect any injury- Wound healing is delayed in diabetic condition due to poor blood circulation in the injured part of the body, therefore never overlook it & consult a doctor for the same.
  4. Maintain optimal personal hygiene- Due to the impaired immunity, diabetics are highly susceptible to pathogens which can potentially expose the body to further risk, hence washing hands at regular intervals & routine bathing will definitely help to maintain personal hygiene.
  5. Avoid eat-out sessions- Diabetics should watch-out before eating out as they are at a higher risk to catch water-borne diseases, which are very common during the monsoons. Additionally, outside food is loaded with refined carbohydrates, processed additives, and hydrogenated oils which can further worsen their health condition. Opt for healthy, home cooked snacks.
  6. Wash away the risk- Cleaning fruits & vegetables thoroughly helps you stay away from the potential microbial infections that come along with rains, and the harmful chemical coatings on the food items.
  7. Listen to your body & feed it accordingly- Since rain refrains us from going out, it becomes difficult to burn calories. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to eat mindfully & adhere from overeating, in order to maintain the healthy blood sugar levels.
  8. Strengthening the immune system- Diabetics must incorporate immunity boosting foods (like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, etc) in their diet to ward off any risk of infection & thus provide longevity with improved energy levels.
  9. Pamper your foot & toes- Since mobility gets restricted in monsoons, it is quite normal for a diabetic to feel uneasy. Therefore, they must include a foot massage in their daily routine for the healthy functioning of their weakened nerves.

Inculcate these 10 habits in order to ensure a great health while enjoying the rainy season without making any compromises with yourself.

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