Delhi Police Issues Over 5 Lakh Fines In 5 Months For Violation Of Covid-19 Norms

The Delhi police have collected ₹26.72 crore in fines from people not wearing masks or following social distancing rules in public places from June 15 until November 19.

The Delhi Police has issued over five lakh fines from June 15 until November 19 for violation of Covid-19 norms, with most people being fined for not wearing masks, officials said today.

Fines were also issued to people for spitting in public places and violating social distancing norms, they said.

Till 16th November, a total of 5,27,412 challans have been issued, out of which, 5,17,011 were issued for face mask violation, 3,325 for spitting, and 36,674 for violating social distancing norms.

According to The Hindu report, The Delhi police have collected Rs 26.72 crores in fines from people not wearing masks or following social distancing rules in public places from June 15 until November 19.

Delhi Police cut over 2,000 challans for not wearing a mask

To control the growing cases of coronavirus in the national capital the amount of penalty for not wearing masks has also been increased four times. Now, a fine of 2 thousand will be charged instead of 500 for leaving the house without a mask but citing the absence of a proper notification, officials on Friday continued to impose Rs 500 fine on people, a day after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced hiking the penalty to Rs 2,000.

Data shared by the Delhi Police showed that a total of 2,507 challans were issued for various violations under Covid-19 guidelines, till 4 pm on Friday. On Friday, over 2,000 challans were issued to people not wearing masks, police officials said.

Eish Singhal, PRO, Delhi Police told The Hindu, ”We have not only fined people for not wearing masks but also distributed more than four lakh masks to needy. We always ensure that underprivileged people who genuinely cannot afford and is in need of it, masks are provided to them on the spot.”

“Apart from fining people, we also register an FIR in case there is a violation of social distancing rules because of any protest march or a gathering of people larger than the permitted number,” Singhal added.

Not only on roads but to date 41,575 metro trains had also been checked and 287 challans have been issued against covid direction violations in metro trains.

Police officials on duty said when they issue fines, people come up with different excuses for not wearing masks but they repeatedly explain to them the importance of wearing masks amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Some people wear masks but don’t cover up their nose or chin properly and in such scenarios too, people are issued fines for not wearing masks properly.

The national capital has witnessed a spurt in coronavirus cases since October 28, when the daily rise breached the 5,000-mark for the first time, and it crossed the 8,000-mark on November 11.

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