Delhi Government’s Happiness Class Is All Set To Welcome Melania Trump

India’s school education is obsessed with exams. This obsession with exam and rote learning is killing the Indian education system. That is why when the Aam Aadmi Party-led Delhi Government introduced “Happiness Classes” in the government-run schools in 2018, it caught everyone’s attention.

Happiness classes are not about textbooks, rote learning, and exams. In the 35-minute class, students are taught about meditation and creative exercise by experts.

Happiness Class is once again in news. On 25th February, it will receive a high-profile visitor. The visitor is none other than the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump.

The first lady will arrive in India on Monday with President Donald Trump, for the couple’s first official visit to the country. She has accepted the invitation of the Delhi Government to visit the campus on February 25.

During her visit, she will spend some time with the students.

What is Happiness Class?
  • Its focus is to make a shift from standardized testing to emotional well-being of students.
  • While launching the programme in July, 2018, Delhi’s Education Minister Manish Sisodia had tweeted “It will address the ever-growing concern levels of happiness & wellbeing [are] decreasing, while stress, anxiety & depression are increasing”.
  • As part of the class, students till Class VIII are taught various activities, including meditation, street plays, basic obedience, and other activities
More about Happiness Curriculum
  • A periodic assessment of children’s progress takes place from time to time using a happiness index
  • Classes based on ‘Happiness Curriculum’ are being held twice a week for nursery and KG students.
  • 20,000 teachers throughout 1,000 schools have been trained to teach 1 million students under the program.
  • The happiness class aims to help students live happier inside and outside of the classroom, whether or not they’re not achieving their academic benchmarks.
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