Delhi Achieves 100% Coverage In 1st Dose Covid Vaccination To Eligible People: CM Kejriwal

Taking monumental steps in the fight against COVID-19, Kejriwal Government administers first dose of the vaccine to 100% of its eligible population

Daily Active Cases Rising But No Need To Panic As Hospitalisations Low, Says Kejriwal

Taking monumental steps in the fight against COVID-19, the Kejriwal Government has administered the first dose of the vaccine to 100% of its eligible population. 148.33 lac people were vaccinated with at least one of COVID vaccine in Delhi. The CM saluted all the Doctors, ANMs, Teachers, ASHAs, CDVs and all frontline workers. He further congratulated all DMs, CDMOs, DIOs and all district functionaries. Delhi is largely safe from Corona now that the first dose of the vaccine has been administered to all eligible people. The Kejriwal government is prepared to deal with Omicron variants at every level, taking all necessary steps.

Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal has been very serious about vaccination from the start. To expedite vaccination, the Delhi government has taken several initiatives, guided by Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal to encourage people to get vaccinated. Vaccination centres have been set up in various locations throughout Delhi to facilitate this. Aside from hospitals, vaccination services were made available in schools and Mohalla clinics so that people could easily obtain the vaccine. Simultaneously, in the month of May, Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal launched a drive-through vaccination drive in Dwarka Sector-12. The Delhi government had begun drive-through vaccinations for those who were working but were unable to receive the vaccine after arriving at the vaccination centre due to crowding. People were given the option of getting the vaccine in their vehicle as part of the drive-thru vaccination. After seeing success the model was replicated in several other areas of Delhi as well.

Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal also focused on making people aware to speed up the vaccination rates. On the instructions of the CM officials further strengthened the infrastructure for vaccination in Delhi, after which Delhi boasts of a capacity to administer three lakh vaccine doses per day. In addition, those who had not been vaccinated were identified and vaccinated. The Delhi government appealed to the people to come forward to get the vaccination done through various campaigns. As a result, people came forward for vaccination faster and today 100 percent of the eligible population of Delhi have taken the first dose of corona vaccine. 148.33 lakh people eligible for vaccination in Delhi have received the first dose. Along with this, more than 1.035 crore people have also taken the second dose of the vaccine.

CM Arvind Kejriwal jumps into action to tackle Omicron variant

As a result of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s personal efforts, while on the one hand Delhi Government has given the first dose of the vaccine to all people who are eligible, it is also taking the necessary steps to deal with the Omicron variant. The CM held a high-level review meeting at the Delhi Secretariat on Thursday and issued crucial directives to officers. To deal with Omicron, the Delhi government has made adequate arrangements for hospitals, beds, medicines, and oxygen, and is strengthening home isolation. It was decided at the review meeting to increase the test capacity. Following that, Delhi will be able to conduct three lakh tests per day if necessary. The Delhi government is preparing for even one lakh cases per day. The Delhi government currently has a capacity of 1100 household visits per day, which will be increased to one lakh in the near future. 15 tankers are being used to transport oxygen, and will be available in Delhi within the next three weeks. Antibodies were found in more than 95 percent of the people in the Delhi sero survey, and now 100 percent of the eligible people have received the first dose of the vaccine, and more than 1.035 crore people have received the second dose of the vaccine. As a result, it is possible that the Omicron outbreak in Delhi will be minor. Regardless, if Omicron spreads, the Delhi government will be fully prepared to deal with it.

Kejriwal government preparing 65 thousand beds

The Kejriwal government is constantly monitoring the situation posed by the Omicron variant. In this regard, approximately 37 thousand Covid beds and 10,594 Covid ICU beds have been prepared on the Chief Minister’s orders. At the same time, if the infection spreads, the government has made plans for 100 oxygen beds to be set up in every ward of Delhi within two weeks of intimation. In this manner, the Delhi government’s plan is to prepare 65 thousand beds, so that no one faces bed shortage.

Government is further strengthening the home isolation system

During the previous Corona waves, the home isolation system proved to be extremely useful in providing excellent care to patients. As a result, the home isolation system is being strengthened further on the orders of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. As a result, patients with mild corona symptoms can receive effective treatment at home. The government has put in place a strong system to accomplish this. The ANM, ASHA, paramedic workers, along with CDV teams have been directed to go to the homes of the patients in home isolation as soon as Covid is detected and inform them of the necessary precautions. During this time, the team will assess the patient’s health and provide a home isolation kit with an oximeter. Following that, tele-caller teams will continue to call in the following mornings and evenings to obtain health information. If the patient’s condition is critical, they will be admitted to the hospital right away.

Delhi Government will not allow shortage of medicines

The Chief Minister, has also emphasised the availability of a sufficient quantity of medicines, in addition to the Covid beds to ensure that there is no shortage of medicines in any situation. A buffer stock of 32 types of medicines useful in the treatment of patients has been ensured for two months on the instructions of CM Arvind Kejriwal. CM Arvind Kejriwal has also directed officials to keep a close eye on the availability of essential medicines.

Specialist doctors will also be able to treat Covid patients if needed

The Delhi Government is also focusing on increasing manpower for Covid management, so that if the rate of infection picks up, there is no shortage of doctors, nurses and paramedic staff. For this, the Delhi government has given special training in Covid Management to medical students, nurses and paramedical staff along with specialist doctors. They have been given training in oxygen therapy, Covid Management, Paediatric Ward Covid Management.

Five thousand health assistants also roped in

The Delhi government has also roped in five thousand health assistants. Health assistants have been given basic training in nursing, paramedics, home care, blood pressure measurement, vaccination etc. Health assistants will work as assistants to doctors and nurses and will not be able to take decisions on their own. With their help, doctors will be able to work more efficiently and patients will also be taken care of very well.

Delhi government hospitals will be able to appoint more doctors and nurses

The Chief Minister has also directed Delhi government hospitals to increase the sanctioned strength of doctors, nurses, and paramedics as needed. Hospitals can add 25% more doctors and 40% more nurses and paramedics to their approved staffing levels. Currently, these additional doctors, nurses, and paramedics will be hired until March 31, 2022. Instructions have been issued to extend the appointments of additional staff members in both Covid and non-Covid hospitals until March 31, 2022.

Help can be taken through the Covid helpline number 1031

Delhi Government has issued a Covid helpline number — 1031, to help Covid patients during any problem. This helpline number works 24×7. It employs employees in three shifts, who can attend 600 to 700 calls. If there is an increase in the call number, the number of employees will be increased. By calling the helpline number, one can get oxygen cylinders, tele-consultation, pulse oximeters, medicine kits, vaccination information and information on the availability of hospital beds, home isolation, ambulance services and tests.

Oxygen capacity of Delhi increased significantly by the Kejriwal Government

The Kejriwal Government has significantly increased the oxygen capacity of Delhi. At present, the Delhi government has a capacity of 1363.73 metric tonnes of oxygen including MLO storage, MLO buffer, PSA plants. The capacity of oxygen cylinders with medical institutions itself has been taken up to 217 MT. Additionally, 6,000 D type cylinders have been placed in reserve for emergency use. Previously, the oxygen refilling capacity of Delhi was limited to 1,500 cylinders a day, now, 2 cryogenic plants with an installed capacity of 12.5 MT will be able to refill an additional 1,400 jumbo cylinders every day.

Telemetry devices are being installed in oxygen tanks

On the orders of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, telemetry equipment is being installed in all large and small oxygen tanks to provide real-time data on oxygen availability. The installation of this device will provide real-time oxygen data on the dashboard. This will assist officials in tracking the status of oxygen while also strengthening the oxygen supply chain.

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