Death toll rises to 80 as the deadly Corona Virus spreads beyond China.

Healthwire Bureau

New Delhi, January 27:The death toll as on Monday rose to 80 in China due to Corona Virus as reported by National Health Commission of China. Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that the commission has confirmed ,2744 cases infected with the deadly virus. It so said that condition of 461 people getting treated for the virus is critical. In the past 24 hours 769 new confirmed cases of the virus have emerged in China and 3,806 new suspected cases were reported. 51 people have recovered from the virus she 5,794 people are suspected to be affected by the virus as reported by the commission.

The virus is spreading beyond Wuhan and almost all Chines provinces have reported cases affected from Corona Virus. Also 17 cases have been confirmed in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Apart from that virus affected cases have also been confirmed in Thailand, Australia, Singapore, US, North Korea, Japan, France, Malaysia, Vietnam and Nepal.

As per Chinese Health Commission the new coronavirus’ ability to spread is getting stronger day by day.

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