COVID Tracker Wave 2: 30% Of Indians Strongly Believe Coronavirus Threat Is Exaggerated

C-VOTER Tracker 1 was conducted in 22 countries around the world, interviewing more than 22,000 people in an exclusive first global poll on Covid-19. We had published the result on March 24 . Now, the results of Tracker 2 are out.

Current survey findings and projections are based on CVoter daily tracking poll on CATI, conducted during last seven days among 18+ adults nationwide. The data is weighted to the known demographic profile of the States. Sometimes the table figures do not sum to 100 due to the effects of rounding.

The final data file has Socio-Economic profile within +/- 1% of the Demographic profile of the State. We believe this will give the closest possible trends. The Tracking Poll Fieldwork covers random probability samples during the last 7 days from the release date. The sample spread is across all Assembly segments across all states. MoE is +/- 3% at macro level and +/- 5% at micro level with 95% Confidence interval.

This survey covers all States in India and was conducted in 10 languages as part of CVoter’s routine OmniBus.

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