Present increase in cases is not like a surge but a gradual increase that is not steady or uniformly distributed.

COVID-19 Surge Not Harbinger Of ‘New Wave’, Low Intake Of Booster Shots May Be A Reason Behind The Surge: Experts

Surge in COVID-19 Cases: Experts Attribute Increase to Mask-Wearing and Booster Shot Gap

Lack of Mask-Wearing and Low Booster Shot Uptake Fueling Recent Surge, Say Experts

The recent surge in COVID-19 cases is not indicative of a new wave but rather an expected fluctuation during endemic prevalence, according to experts. However, they have identified key factors contributing to this increase. One significant reason is the lack of mask-wearing among the population. Experts emphasize that the failure to adhere to mask mandates and recommendations has resulted in a gradual rise in cases, particularly in urban areas where people gather indoors. This behavior alone can explain the surge in certain cities.

Low Uptake of Booster Shots Adds to the Rising Cases, Experts Warn

Another crucial factor contributing to the surge is the low uptake of booster shots. Experts highlight that booster doses play a vital role in reducing the number of infections and subsequently lowering the number of cases. Unfortunately, the coverage of booster doses remains low, with less than five percent of those who received a second dose opting for boosters. This concerning trend can be attributed to a lack of trust in vaccine safety and a lack of proactive efforts by the government to encourage booster shots.

Increased Travel, Social Gatherings, and Economic Activities Contribute to Transmission

The surge in COVID-19 cases can also be attributed to increased travel, social gatherings, and economic activities. As restrictions eased and people resumed their daily routines, there was a greater possibility for the virus to spread. Experts emphasize that the transmission of the virus is more likely in settings where people gather closely, increasing the risk of infection. The combination of these factors has contributed to the recent surge in various districts across India.

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