Covid-19 Vaccine: Only 1 in 10 Take Jab After Four Weeks

India has fully vaccinated 0.25% of its nearly one million health care workers against Covid-19, shows the latest data from the Union ministry of health and family welfare released on Sunday.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, only about one in 10 or about 23,628 healthcare workers were inoculated with the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on February 13.

February 13 was a significant day in India’s COVID-19 vaccination calendar, marking 28 days or four weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off the vaccination program on January 16.

According to estimates from the Health Ministry so far, on day one, 2,07,229 persons were inoculated. Ideally, the second shot on February 13 should have inoculated both of them.

Two-Dose Vaccines

It is recommended that the second doses of Covaxin and Covishield, two approved vaccines, be administered four to six weeks apart, according to the guidelines of the Drug Controller General of India. While some international studies indicate that vaccines can be more effective, even in a 6-12 week window, India’s current policy does not prescribe such a wide-ranging spacing.

Unlike many countries where vaccines available are less than needed, India is still to exhaust its first stock of vaccines—about 16 million doses—which the government ordered from vaccine companies in the first week of January.

About 8.24 million healthcare and front-line workers were inoculated with at least one dose of the vaccine until February 14. Approximately 2.72 of them were vaccinated on February 13. No updated figures were available on February 14, which is unlikely to have seen an increase in vaccinations given previous practices.

Over 1.72 lakh vaccination sessions, 8.2 million vaccines were performed, indicating that just about half of the available vaccination ability was utilized. There have been about 4,00,000 inoculations a day for nearly a week.

India’s active caseload of coronavirus patients decreased to 1.37 lakh as of 14 February, or around 1.26% of India’s overall positive cases. Approximately eight out of ten new cases come from six states. Kerala recorded the highest daily new cases at 5,471 followed by Maharashtra at 3,611 and Tamil Nadu at 477.

Only Maharashtra and Kerala registered double-digit deaths—38 and 16 on February 14. Overall, 92 new deaths were reported on 14 February.

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