Coronavirus Scare: Indian Students, Trapped In Iran, Request Ministry Of External Affairs To Bring Them Back

Indian students, living in the city of Qom, Iran, have requested the Ministry of External Affairs. Most of these students are from Delhi and Lucknow.

“We are very scared. We don’t know when we will be affected by the deadly disease. We don’t even have access to most essential things. Let the Indian government get us out immediately.”

It is a complaint of some Indians trapped in the Iranian city, most affected by Coronavirus. Some Indians settled there talked about their ordeal and the situation there to Indian media.

Iran is currently the most affected country after China by Coronavirus. There have been more than 50 deaths so far while more than a thousand have been ill. Two ministers of the Iranian government have contracted the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization has sent a team of experts separately there. Many countries have banned visas and air services to Iran.

More than two hundred Indian students are studying at Iran’s Al-Mustafa International University (MIU), located in Qom, Iran.

They all want to come to come back to India as soon as possible. The worst of the disease is there. Located two hours away from Tehran, the capital of Iran, the university has students mostly from Lucknow and Delhi.

Talking to Indian media, Iman Ahmed, who was helping to bring back students from there, said “According to the list which has been made at the local level right now, there are more than 100 students who want to return to India immediately. All these students are trapped after the disruption of air services. There are also some people who came for ziyarat.”

In Islam, ziyara or ziyarat is a form of pilgrimage to sites associated with Muhammad, his family members and descendants, his companions and other venerated figures in Islam such as the prophets, Sufi auliya, and Islamic scholars. Sites of pilgrimage include mosques, maqams, battlefields, mountains, and caves.

Iman Ahmed is associated with the madrasa there. Another student of the university said that students from about 40 countries were studying there and most of the students from other countries have returned after the outbreak of the disease. According to him the markets are closed there. There is a possibility of lack of even essential things. People are also scared.

Iman Ahmed expressed hope that Indians from Iran would be evacuated by the Indian Government the same way the Indians trapped in China were evacuated. When asked whether these people contacted the Ministry of External Affairs or the Embassy of India in Iran at their level, they told that efforts are being made to contact them right now.

Earlier, 17 fishermen from Kerala, who were trapped in Iran on account of coronavirus threat, also released a video on Sunday narrating their woes and seeking help from the officials in India. Pleading for help citing worsening situation in Iran, fishermen in the video, said they were trapped without food and other basic necessities.

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