Coronavirus Outbreak: China Expresses Hope For India Resuming Bilateral Trade And Movement Of People

Amid deadly Coronavirus outbreak, China on Sunday expressed hope that India will review the situation arising out of the coronavirus epidemic in the country in an “objective and rational” manner and resume bilateral trade and movement of people. The response of Chinese Embassy Spokesperson Ji Rong came after Chinese charity organizations and certain medical institutes complained that India has restricted the export of medical products to China following the coronavirus epidemic.

Mr Ji said the World Health Organization has repeatedly opposed any travel and trade restrictions on China following the coronavirus outbreak and that all parties should follow the recommendations by the global body.

So far, this virus has claimed 2,442 lives in China while the confirmed cases rose to 76,936, according to Chinese health officials.

“It is hoped that the Indian side could review the epidemic situation in an objective, rational and calm manner, handle with China’s much-needed items in a cooperative and constructive way, and resume normal personnel exchanges and trade between our two countries as soon as possible,” the Chinese Embassy to India spokesperson said.

Last week, Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong had urged India to review restrictions on trade and movement of people.

On Saturday, the government sources said that China was “deliberately delaying” permission for an Indian Air Force plane to coronavirus-hit Wuhan to supply relief materials and bring back Indians and nationals from neighbouring countries.

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