Coronavirus In India: Vlogger Shakir Subhan’s Isolation Video Goes Viral

A quarantine is a restriction on the movement of people and goods which is intended to prevent the spread of disease or pests. It is alright to isolate people for public health purposes. But, the question is how far can it go? And, how does it feel to be isolated for public purposes?

Of course, not everybody is at the risk of facing isolation in the time of coronavirus outbreak. Only persons carrying some symptoms face isolation. An isolated person is usually told to stay in a separate room from other people in their homes and use a separate bathroom.

Adventure blogger Shakir Subhan from Kannur in Kerala just live-streamed his entire experience. Flying into India from Dubai after having visited Iran, Azerbaijan and a few other countries, Subhan was put into an isolation ward for three days at a government hospital in Kannur.

If you don’t know what is like living in an isolated ward watch the video he shared on You Tube.

Here, he talks about everything- From the medicines he took, to the food he was served. Not only this, he also advises people not to panic. He has an important message for those who are flying in from other countries. Report all details to officials.

Another important advice he shares is: “Don’t wear your best clothes to the hospital or while travelling. You will have to throw them away if you are infected.”

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