Coronavirus In India: The Government Is Likely to Extend Lockdown As States And Experts Are Requesting

Following requests from several state governments and experts, the central government is now planning to extend the 21-day nationwide lockdown that is scheduled to end on 14 April. Many state governments, as well as experts, are requesting the central government to extend the lockdown, the news report said.

The report comes in the wake of multiple chief ministers asking Modi to extend the lockdown. Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao on Monday made a strong case for the extension of the ongoing lockdown. Rao had advocated for the extension of the current shutdown saying, “The Centre and all other State Governments have lost revenue during the lockdown period. The only positive outcome of this is that we are able to protect our people.”

As of now, 4421 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 117 deaths have been reported in the country. 326 persons have been cured/discharged after recovery. Three types of facilities shall be set up for various categories of COVID-19 cases as a mechanism for triaging and decisions making for identification of the appropriate COVID-19 dedicated facility for providing care to COVID-19 patients.

In view of the spread of COVID 19 in the country and a recent news report on a Tiger being infected with the COVID 19 in New York, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has issued an advisory regarding containing and management of COVID-19 in National Parks/Sanctuaries/Tiger Reserves as it is felt that there are possibilities of spread of the virus amongst animals in National Parks/Sanctuaries/Tiger Reserves and also transmission of the virus from humans to animals and vice-versa.

Central Zoo Authority has advised Zoos in the country to remain on highest alertness, watch animals on 24X7 basis, using CCTV for any abnormal behavior/symptoms, keepers/handlers not to be allowed in the vicinity without safety gear preferably PPE, isolate & quarantine sick animals, and have least contact while providing feed to animals.

Indian Railways has taken up the in-house  production of PPE type overall on a mission mode. An overall produced by Jagadhari workshop was recently cleared by a DRDO lab, authorised for the purpose. Approved design and material will now be used for making this protective overall by other workshops under different zones.

Pharmacists, popularly known as “Swaasth ke Sipahi”, of Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra, are delivering essential services and medicines at doorstep of patients and elderly 

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