Coronavirus In India: Majority Of Indians Are Unrealistically Optimistic, Despite The Seriousness Of COVID 19

Heal Foundation’s Healthy Nudge Initiative in Association with Counselling and Empowering has released the findings of the Realistic Optimism Survey.

It was an online survey among adults. The first part of the survey was LOT-R test to understand optimism disposition among people and in the second part participants were about how pandemic COVID 19 has affected their optimism?

Survey Objective

The survey was conducted to understand people perception about the imminent danger of COVID 19. Through this survey Heal Foundation tried to find out that are people optimistic about the COVID 19 pandemic or they are living in perception of unrealistic optimism.


Majority of participants had low to moderate optimism disposition levels yet when asked about COVID 19, majority of people were optimistic., which is an indication that people are unrealistically optimistic; and hence despite the seriousness of COVID 19 not taking it seriously.

About HEAL Foundation

HEAL Foundation is a not for profit organisation registered under Indian Trust Act. As a trust, we aim to engage key stakeholders of the healthcare industry in India with the mission of:

  • Nudging masses towards healthier practices by spreading awareness around relevant health issues.
  • Engaging and empowering stakeholders through capacity building so that they can guide the country towards better health practices.
  • Associating with medical bodies, associations, organisations and policy makers to help design policies which can improve health status of the country

Counseling And Empowering

Counseling And Empowering works towards bringing out of the closet issues related to psychological dilemmas and pressures which are mostly left unattended.

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