Coronavirus In India: IREF Releases Precautionary Guidelines for Gyms/ Fitness & Yoga Centres

The Indian Register for Exercise Facilities (IREF), constituted under the aegis of Sports and Fitness Sector Skills Council has come out with an advisory in public interest for all Gyms/ Fitness & Yoga Centres to strengthen the fight against Coronavirus.  The guidelines are being circulated across all cities to ensure that exercise facilities are extra cautious and adhere to proper sanitizing & cleanliness norms in order to combat the virus.

The impact of Coronavirus has had a drastic impact on several sectors in the globally including the fitness sector, which has seen a massive drop in terms of individual participation. The advisory has been released by IREF on Do’s and Don’ts during these times at the Exercise facilities , which can be downloaded free of cost from the following website /

Speaking about the guidelines, Mr. Tahsin Zahid, Chief Operating Officer, SPEFL said, “Exercise facilities need to be extra careful as these are the places for group gatherings and can act as a multiplier area, so it becomes imperative for Gyms and Fitness centers to help the government in controlling the spread of the virus. This does not mean people stop exercising, in fact people shall do more exercises as it will help boost the immunity which can be helpful.”

“Personal hygiene is the best preventive measure to avoid any chances of getting infected by Coronavirus. Even the exercise facilities should adhere to basic hygiene systems like Gym Machine Sanitization, Accessibility of Hand Sanitizers in the Gym, separate personal towels for each individual and regular disinfecting of washrooms and lockers.” Mr. Tahsin Zahid added.

IREF will work to ensure implementation of the standard guidelines for exercise/ fitness centres across the country. They will undertake extensive knowledge dissemination to spread awareness about the COVID-19 as well as the necessary measures to be undertaken in order to curb  is spread

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