Coronavirus: How Tech Companies Helping People Avoid Crowd

For people hunkering down due to the coronavirus epidemic, the tech sector has become their new best friend with an array of lifestyle solutions making “social distancing” easier. Those wanting to avoid crowds can have meals delivered from restaurants, stream blockbuster films, socialize online with friends, and work remotely.

The latest tech-inspired lifestyle solutions are gaining traction as more people are advised to work from home, and many conferences and gatherings are cancelled. Anyone with an internet connection can use Amazon or e-commerce rivals to deliver provisions from groceries to toilet paper and over-the-counter medicine.

Technologies Become a ‘Safe’ Place to Escape to
  • Everything that was not so good about technologies have become a ‘safe’ place to escape to in the wake of coronavirus.
  • Video calling services like FaceTime are helping with virtual doctor visits.
  • Through or telemedicine patients can consult with physician online and avoid visits to hospitals.
  • A video clip went viral in which showed someone in China using a remote-controlled toy truck mounted with a GoPro camera to fetch supplies.
  • Streaming television market stands to benefit as people opt for home entertainment instead of risking contagion in public spaces.
  • More people could also start getting restaurant meals delivered from services such as Uber Eats and Door Dash instead of going out to restaurants.
How this has been Possible
  • None of this undermines the horror of the virus but for those who want to stay home and not venture outside it works.
  • Internet speeds have climbed in the past decades, and smartphones are ubiquitous.
  • Telemedicine has made gains in recent years, and health monitoring is getting an added boost from smartwatches and fitness bands that can detect irregular heartbeats or whether some has taken a hard fall.
  • People in China, Silicon Valley, Japan and Italy are all adopting remote working at various degrees to limit the spreading of the virus.
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