Coronavirus: China Launches Perception Wars Against The United States

By Arunima Singh

When the world is grappling with the concerns of Pandemic status of COVID-19, declared by WHO, and busy taking precautionary measure to limit the community outbreak, Republic of China has started a full flashed perception war against United States of America.

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson and deputy director, “Lijian Zhao” aggressively started a virtual propaganda by putting up two articles which date back to 4th March and 12th March. These articles state that the “Wuhan virus” was a part of US Army’s ploy to destabilise China.

According to Global Times, which is an official mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), “ Some Chinese researchers indicate that novel coronavirus may have begun human to human transmission in late November after the US army visited Wuhan in October, debunking their own theory of the “Origin of the “Wuhan virus “ at the “Hunan” sea food market”, lamenting western media for setting this narrative of its origin in China.

This Spin-a-tale, almost after three months after the global crisis and subsequent cover-ups, these attempts look like desperate actions on the part of the regime to shift the buck to some foreign hand, and come out clean. However, handling the crisis diplomatically seems an impossible task for China now. The world community has now realized how China initially suppressed voices of public health officers, the whistleblowers, doctor who tried to rise concerns about the seriousness of the outbreak in initial stages.

There were few twitter handles posting the ground reality of the impact of the “Wuhan Virus” in the initial weeks. How quickly it was spreading and the extreme measures taken by Chinese govt to contain it have been continuously reported and suspended. YouTube videos by reporters and vloggers have been deleted multiple times.

Steps taken by the Republic of China to silence the voices indicate towards a totally different picture than what the spokesperson of the foreign ministry are trying to portray. An Indian media news channel and journalist twitter handles were blocked by “Lijian Zhao” while they were on air showing stories from China. Thwarting the world media and their voices creates more suspicion than clearing airs.

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