Corona virus infection – Do not fear, protect

Nowadays, there is a discussion of corona virus everywhere. People are afraid that they too may not get caught in it. Government and medical world is constantly looking for ways to prevent and treat it so that the virus does not spread much.

Corona virus is a type of RNA virus which was discovered in 1960. It mainly causes infections in animals, birds and humans. Its infection is transmitted from one person to another by aerosal (droplets). If an infected person or animal bird coughs or sneezes, then it is scattered by the droplets as an aerosol in the atmosphere in which the other person breathes or its The body part comes in contact and if it enters the body in any way then it shows its effect symptoms.

Its infection mainly infects the respiratory system, digestive system and reproductive system, due to its infection, humans get symptoms similar to those found in cold patients. These symptoms include runny nose, sore throat, cough. Headache, fever, etc. are the main, it is not necessary that Corona virus infection is the only symptom, so do not panic. In the early stages, if it is properly treated, then it is definitely right to check that a human has traveled to a place where it is epidemic or is suspected to be identified by PCR test.

If a person is infected with the virus, then it should be kept sufficient distance from it. Such patients are kept in isolation. There are other ways to protect yourself. Drink adequate amounts of water, eat vitamin C rich fruits, use foods that increase the body’s resistance, do not eat meat, fish and sea food, do not eat outside food, eat fresh food, must eat before eating anything. Wash, and especially while talking, put a mask on the mouth while sneezing, or cover the mouth with cover, avoid going to the public place, avoid shaking hands, do not eye the nose and mouth. Touch, avoid going to animal slaughter houses, animal breeding, after coming from outside, after washing from public place, wash hands with soap. If a patient is there, do not use his clothes, utensils, bedding.

So far no vaccine or vaccine has been made for this disease, nor has any particular medicine been discovered. However, some doctors give antiviral drugs, the effect of which is not yet established. This should also consider the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines for prevention and treatment as there are drugs available to prevent diseases caused by the virus but these drugs are trained by doctors Should be used only on the advice of

At present, outbreak of this disease has occurred in China. Keeping this in view, the Government of India has issued an alert across the country that all passengers coming from China should be examined in a quarantine at the airport of the aircraft and if they are found negative in the investigation then only they can go to the general public. to be allowed.

Follow the rules of cleanliness in your normal days and always be healthy.

Dr. Anurudh Verma, Senior Homoeopathic Doctor

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