Consciousness and Healthy Heart: A New Paradigm

Dr. H.K Chopra

New Delhi, January 4-While the mortality rate form cardiovascular disease (CVD) has decreased by 60% in Japan and Finland, 50% in USA, Canada and Australia and 25% in Europe, according to WHO projections, there will be a 100% rise in mortality from CVD by 2015. The female population is under greater risk because metabolic syndrome (a combination of medical disorders like obesity, high blood pressure, etc) is more alarming amongst Indian women. According to data published in the Indian Heart Journal 2007, the prevalence of metabolic syndrome is highest in India.

Heart Health and Consciousness

Dr. Chopra believes that prevention of coronary artery disease must begin at a young age before excesses in faulty eating and drinking coupled with a sedentary life style hardening the arteries of the heart, bring on obesity, elevate blood pressure; all of which establish the bedrock of heart disease.

Dr. Chopra firmly believes that “four sutras for optimal Healthy Heart are love, compassion, peace and harmony”. These sutras (Suture or stitch) connect heart with the consciousness by network of nerves fibers of autonomic nervous system (Heart Plexuses) which are chemically mediated. Nurtured with human values release natural opiates: endorphins and serotonin which preserves the endothelial functions, thereby maintaining the patency of coronary arteries and the  harmonious friendly  biochemical  environment within the blood vessel the heart thus  remains healthy.

If kindness, compassion, love, peace and harmony are missing then the heart is undernourished, stressed and the physiology changes. Fear, jealousy, hatredness, anger, hostility, greed , cynical behavior, lurking grief, vengeance, vindictiveness, bigotry arrogance, greed lust ego and other negative emotions release jittery molecules (chemicals) which comprise of epinephrine, norepinephrines and cortisol which produce coronary artery diseases, alter the endothelial functions, agitate the platelets, oxidized Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL). They may enhance the tendency of a vulnerable plaque in the coronary artery to rupture, erode and ulcerate, thereby enhancing  aggregation of platelets and thrombus formation thus leading to angina, acute Coronary Syndrome, Heart Attack and even sudden Cardiac Death. Just one fit of anger or negative stress can produce a massive heart attack Dr. Chopra said .

Dr. Chopra is of the firm opinion that the emotion of love, compassion , peace and harmony are the most powerful sutras to have health heart and may help in prevention regression  and reversal of coronary artery diseases.

10 steps for healthy heart in women and children:  

Healthy food intake -Eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day and avoid saturated fat. Beware of processed foods, which often contain high levels of salt.

Get active– Take heart friendly exercise such as walking, wogging, jogging, swimming, dancing, cycling, tredmilling  – Even 30 minutes of activity can help to prevent heart attacks and strokes and your work will benefit too.

Say no to tobacco – Your risk of coronary heart disease will be halved within a year and will return to a normal level over time.

Know your numbers– Visit a healthcare professional who can measure your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, together with waist-to-hip ratio and body mass index (BMI). Once you know your overall risk, you can develop a specific plan of action to improve your heart health.

Limit your alcohol intake– Restrict the amount of alcoholic drinks that you consume. Excessive alcohol intake can cause your blood pressure to rise and your weight to increase.

Insist on a smoke-free environment-
Demand a tobacco ban – ensure your workplace is 100% smoke-free

Support the adoption of smoking- cessation services encourage your employer to provide help to those wanting to quit tobacco.

Bring exercise to the workplace– Include physical activity in your working schedule – cycle to work if this is possible, take the stairs, exercise or go for a walk during your lunch breaks, and encourage others to do so too.

Choose healthy food options– Ask for healthy food at your work canteen, or find nearby cafes or restaurants that serve healthy meals.

Fight Your Stress– Encourage stress-free moments by practicing yoga and meditation on regular basis. Take time for lunch away from your workplace to get some fresh air. Have regular breaks during the day. Try stretching or exercising for 5 minutes twice a day

Dr. Chopra firmly believes that lifestyle optimization is an expression of a perfect mindset and perfect mind set is an expression of taping from the level of consciousness.

Energized healthy heart, happiness  prosperity and success are expressions of this field of consciousness.

Silence and Infinite Love

Experience of this field on daily basis by optimization of lifestyle through all the eight limbs of yoga including Yama, (do and donts), Niyama (Self discipline), Asana (Postures), Pranayam (Breathing Exercise), Pratihara (Contemplation), Dharna (Concentration) Dhyana (Meditation), Samadhi (Transcendence). Healthy heart, healthy mind and healthy body are expressions of our consciousness. It is our consciousness which perceives, conceives, constructs and governs us at individual and universal level to have healthy heart. We are all the expressions and projections of  consciousness. Experience it on regular basis by meditation if you want to have a healthy heart .

Consciousness- A Field of Infinity

Consciousness (field of infinity) means awareness of ones own existence, sensations, thoughts and feelings and surrounding at an individual level or collective level. Infact whole existence in this universe including human beings, animals, plants, flowers, vegetables, minerals, water, sun, moon, galaxy of star are all the expressions of existence of consciousness. Thus, Consciousness is beyond energy and matter.

The scientific module operates on the reductionist principle conveying thereby that we are all the hologram of the universe, and the universe is our hologram (every bit of universe is in us and every bit of us is in universe) A drop of blood give information of the biochemistry or the cell count of the whole body, similarly a bit of any particle gives information of the whole matter.  If the parts of a whole are obtained and examined they will give the required analysis to explain how the whole operates, its reason for being, how it interacts with its environment. In other words, the total environment consists of parts, which come together to form a holistic phenomenon.

Part of the rationale for this approach may relate to Darwin’s theory of evolution which posits that all life has evolved from simple living entities, which gradually developed complex systems as they interacted with one another, the weak growths giving way to those which were stronger and more competitive.

There is a Vedic expression, which says:

As is the Atom, so is the universe

As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm

As is the Universal body, So the is the cosmic body 

As is the universal mind, So is the cosmic mind

Albert Einstein a great physicist said that We are not the packages of Flesh and bone with wisps of memory and desire, but we are a web of information and energy interwoven with emotions and intelligence from the eye of the consciousness and not from the  eye of the body or eye of the mind.

The time to reflect and reassess is now, to the scientific mode of research and to pay more attention to what science has discovered about the constitution of the universe. Scientific theories do not usually last the course as further research reveals new evidence that either overturns, or remodels, previous fixed beliefs.

(The writer is a renowned Cardiologist and President, World Wellness Foundation, Co-Chairman, Health Committee, ASSOCHAM and SCOPE) 

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