Concern In Parliament: Misuse of Antibiotics and Arsenic Water

New Delhi: Rajya Sabha MPs, especially from the BJP and Trinamool Congress, on Thursday demanded the government take adequate steps to curb misuse of antibiotics.

Raising health related issues during Zero Hour, Manas Rajan Bhumia (AITC) said there is misuse of antibiotics and microbiologicals in the country and the central government should conduct a survey to ascertain the situation.

A recent study shows that India is the top victim of misuse of antibiotics and microbiologicals. The West Bengal government is already scrutinising the matter, he said. On the issue of arsenic content in water, Ahamed Hassan (AITC) called for a proper solution to address this problem and demanded adequate funds to undertake research in this area. Around nine districts are affected in West Bengal.

Similarly in Bihar, ground water in 17 districts has arsenic content beyond the permissible limits, he said. Several states like West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar are suffering from this problem. The West Bengal government is trying its best to address the issue but this is a national problem, he added. Raising concern about quality of portable water, Vijay Pal Singh Tomar (BJP) urged the government to direct all bodies concerned to ensure monitoring of water treatment plants and ensure they run in full capacity.

He said 80 per cent of the source of potable water is polluted including Yamuna and Ganga in Delhi-NCR region and causing various diseases like cancer and tuberculosis. Mahesh Poddar (BJP) expressed concern over rise in cancer cases in the country and urged the government to create more awareness in this regard

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