CognitiveCare Launches World’s First AI Platform To Predict Maternal And Infant Health Risks

MIHIC is the world's first AI platform to predict and quantify the propensity towards 47 maternal, fetal, and infant health risks early in women.

CognitiveCare, a leader in developing pioneering and cutting-edge solutions for early disease detection and evolution, today announced the launch of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform called MIHIC (Maternal Infant Health Insights and Cognitive Intelligence) to detect maternal, fetal, and infant health risks early. MIHIC is the only platform globally that leverages AI and advanced computing capabilities to analyze all medical, clinical, genetic, radiological, social, and lifestyle determinants to predict early signs of maternal, infant, and fetal risks in pregnant women. Also, MIHIC is the world’s first AI platform to predict and quantify the propensity towards 47 maternal, fetal, and infant health risks early in women.

The start-up was founded in 2018 by Venkata Narasimham Peri and Dr. Suresh Attili. Their early work in maternal and infant health yielded extraordinary results – both the accuracy of prediction and the range of risks that can be predicted – prompted them to bring a laser focus on maternal and infant health. After bootstrapping the company with $300K, they have raised $900K in the seed round with a pre-money valuation of $8M. The funds have been deployed to complete the first version of MIHIC and launch the sales and marketing efforts.

Benefits of MIHIC to various stakeholders:

Doctors can:

  • Identify high-risk mothers for triage and targeted interventions very early
  • Gather deep granular insights about mothers and infants for healthier patient outcomes.
  • Detect false positives and preventable outcomes during pregnancy.

Mothers/pregnant women can:

  • Have a healthy and risk-free pregnancy
  • Empowered to navigate their safer and healthier maternal journeys
  • Empowered to decide on timely interventions in collaboration with their caregivers to avoid/reduce potential risks.
  • Avoid preventable surgical and medical outcomes (C-sections, prolonged labor, postpartum care, hemorrhage, and HAIs (Healthcare Acquired Infections).

Pharmaceutical companies can:

  • Leverage population health insights for exploring new therapeutical focus areas
  • Reduce time and cost in drug discovery
  • Benefit from early detection of patient safety issues during drug/clinical trials

Health insurance companies can:

  • Stratify pregnant mothers by MIHIC scores.
  • Detect and identify avoidable medical interventions.
  • Work closely with Caregivers to ensure optimal treatments for high-risk mothers
  • Benefit from detailed cost estimation of pregnancy for a mother.

Governments can:

  • Identify high-risk population segments and come up with specific policy and medical interventions early
  • Save Billions by detecting and preventing avoidable outcomes (C-sections, prolonged labor, etc.)
  • Empower girls and women from an early age about their future Obstetric and Gynecological health
  • Build safer, healthier homes and communities

CognitiveCare is the first in the world to deliver a highly promising and path-breaking approach to address healthcare’s fundamental issue – early detection and prevention. Their unique approach brings all the relevant determinants of health going beyond the traditional medical and clinical data to include social, lifestyle and genetic factors to predict the early signs of risks. For example, the solution predicts the impact of genetic predisposition, economic indicators, occupational attributes, and lifestyle choices in addition to thousands of medical and clinical attributes on risks.

This month, the company onboarded renowned industry experts, clinicians, and scientists to their advisory board. Dr. Louis Muglia, President and CEO of Burroughs Wellcome Fund, US; Dr. Amy Murtha, Chair of Obstetrics/Gynecology and reproductive sciences at UCSF School of Medicine; Dr. S Shanthakumari, President of FOGSI, have joined the Board of Advisors to help shape MIHIC as the world’s leading maternal and infant health risk detection platform.

Venkata Narasimham Peri, the Founder, and CEO of Cognitive Care said, “We lose more than 800 women during pregnancy every day globally and millions more go through very complex pregnancies. Advancements in science and medicine, notwithstanding, healthy childbirth still eludes millions of women globally. Evidence strongly points out that more than two-third of maternal and infant health complications can be prevented with early detection and intervention. At CognitiveCare, we achieved it by leveraging AI in detecting and quantifying health risks during pregnancies. Our MIHIC platform is the world’s first AI platform designed to predict maternal and infant health risks using a comprehensive assessment of all the relevant health determinants. Our early successes have opened new opportunities for collaboration with the world’s leading surgeons, scientists, and institutions. Eradicating maternal and infant mortality has become a purpose now and doing so will not be just a testament to our collective scientific temper but a sacred and moral obligation to every girl, woman, and mother.”

Dr. Suresh Attili, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of CognitiveCare, said, “Nothing pleases a clinician more than detecting a particular risk early. The earlier we detect, the more empowered we will be in offering the most optimal intervention. We are building CognitiveCare to empower every obstetrician/gynecologist in the world to predict every possible risk in the pregnancy early. By enforcing rigorous scientific pursuit and evidence gathering, we are ensuring that the payers, caregivers and mothers get insights and have access to the reasoning behind those insights. We are establishing multi-institutional consortia of renowned institutions of practice and research to reinforce our efforts with data, evidence, and peer reviews. Our work will help detect risks early not only in pregnant women but also in women planning to get pregnant and every girl who attains puberty— detecting risks that early is our north-star!

Dr. Louis Muglia, President and CEO of Burroughs Wellcome Fund, said, “CognitiveCare’s innovative approach has tremendous promise and potential. As a clinician and research scientist, I feel that CognitiveCare’s mission to detect, quantify, and stratify pregnant mothers’ risk across multiple outcomes can offer new insights into managing pregnancies through early intervention. It can also help healthcare policymakers to determine segments of the population that would benefit from greater attention. I am very pleased and honored to join CognitiveCare as an Advisor to help build a world-class MIHIC solution.”

Dr. Amy Murtha, Chair of Department of Obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive medicine, said, “Computational sciences and Artificial Intelligence have made significant advances and offer a tremendous opportunity to detect maternal and infant health risks early. As a Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician and scientist, I believe that CognitiveCare’s approach to detect and quantify the risks in mothers, fetuses, and infants can improve outcomes. I am honored to join their mission as a member of the Advisory Board to help develop MIHIC into a world-class standard and solution to detect, quantify, and manage maternal, fetal, and infant risks.”

Dr. Shantha Kumari, President-elect of Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI, the largest conglomerate of Ob/Gyn practitioners in India), said, “Achieving the ideal reduced maternal and infant mortality rates SDG 2030 continues to remain a challenge for India. Although significant strides have been made, we still have population segments that continue to get impacted disproportionately. We must find ways to identify these risks as early as possible to deal with the avoidable causes. CognitiveCare uses advanced technologies to detect patterns and identify early signs of maternal and infant health risks using Artificial Intelligence and deep learning. I am looking forward to offering my expertise and experience to strengthen the CognitiveCare platform.”

The global healthcare start-up aims to make India as one of its core engineering and research hubs, opening avenues for various research collaborations with hospitals and research institutes.

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