Cloudnine’s baby workshop

The Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Noida, in association with a leading world-class stem cell banking service providers. Cryonine, organised the first ever baby-ready workshop-cum-baby shower for the residents of Noida. The workshop aimed to provide basic training and a positive pregnancy experience for all couples. As they embark the journey to parenthood.

With the presence of “would be” parents at the workshop, several educative sessions were conducted . To offer  a comprehensive and holistic overview of how to get baby-ready while they are expecting or about to deliver. Suggestions were given on taking care of maternal nutrition, fitness, all about pregnancy needs, eating patterns, exercises to keep you fit and active during pregnancy. What happens during labour and birth, relaxation techniques, your health after the birth and other related requirements.

The workshop encouraged the involvement of dads. From the beginning of pregnancy as a key milestone for the entire journey to parenthood. Furthermore, the sessions addressed concerns of both expectant and young learning mothers. And how to cope with different challenges of parenthood. As a part of the celebration, a Baby Shower was organised to celebrate the delivery of all moms-to-be and their transformation of a woman into a mother and honour their presence at the event.

Vidya Kumar, Co-founder and Director, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, said.  “In India, the concept of nuclear families is on the rise which further points to the need for making couples baby-ready where they know every do and don’t of pregnancy, mother care and baby care.”.

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