Checkout The Covid-19 Vaccine For Which Anand Mahindra Wishes A Nobel Prize

Anand Mahindra shared a snippet of information which claimed that a small biotech firm in West Sussex, England is working on putting a COVID-19 vaccine into a simple pill

On Tuesday, the Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, took to Twitter to shed light on an invention that can alter the way the Covid-19 vaccination drive operates around the world at the moment.

Sharing a snippet, Mahindra also asked the Nobel Academy a question.

He posted what looks like a news piece claiming that in West Sussex, England, a small biotech company is working on putting a Covid-19 vaccine into a simple pill.

At that time, Mahindra named it one of the most important inventions required in the world.

“Don’t know if there’s any validity in this report. But would the Nobel Academy please give them a Nobel if they succeed? Probably one of the most vital innovations the world needs right now,” Mahindra wrote.

“IosBio, which is based in Burgess Hill, has developed a method of putting vaccines into pill form and is working with a US firm that has made an injectable vaccine that is going through human trials.” the text of the snippet reads.

It turns out that, according to a report in The New Zealand Herald, the oral vaccine will launch clinical trials on Americans this month and ImmunityBio is seeking regulatory permission to run tests in Britain too.

The article said, “A pill-based vaccine would be far easier to transport and administer than injections and could drastically speed up the race to immunise the world’s population,”

“With our capsule you wouldn’t need medical professionals to administer the vaccine, you could send this out on Amazon Prime and have everyone vaccinated by Saturday,” Wayne Channing, chief executive of iosBio, was quoted as saying.

If the trial yields successful results, Mahindra’s question will become more pertinent.

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