Chandigarh Healthiest City, Kolkata Unhealthiest: Report

Healthwire Bureau

New Delhi, January 24-Chandigarh topped the list in the healthiest city category in India while Kolkata scored the lowest, as new report found.

As per the GOQii India Fit Report 2020, diabetes has increased from 7.1 to 12 per cent this year.

The preventive healthcare platform conducted a year-long study of about five million people to get an overview of the health and lifestyle of India.

The study found only 38 per cent of Indians to be healthy.

The report suggests that Kolkata is having highest incidence of diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and thyroid.

About 18 per cent of people in Kolkata were found to be diabetic, followed by Surat and Bhopal. Mumbai is at the 15th position in overall health conditions.

Pune recorded the least amount of people suffering from allergies while Chennai ranked the worst in BMI (Body Mass Index).

Bhopal recorded the highest percentage of people consuming alcohol.

As per this report, Women were found to be unhealthier than men, with about 71 per cent of them falling in the unhealthy category in “High Risk Assessment spectrum”.

About 23.81 per cent of “older adults” and 36.82 per cent of “seniors” had diabetes.

Nearly 13.5 per cent of Indians were recorded to have cholesterol issues, with 36 per cent of those with high cholesterol suffering from heart disease.

per the report, 13.4 per cent of Indians have high blood pressure.

The survey team also went on to survey 90-year-olds and centenarians in India to find out the secret to longevity.

Turns out, eating nutritious food, staying active, socialising and sound sleep are key.

Among other factors, they also focussed on having stress-free lives, with 26.7 per cent seniors found to be trying to manage stress levels.

The GOQii India Fit report is an important marker for India’s fitness.

“Our study indicates that people who report being happy and satisfied with their lives are more likely to enjoy longer life span with good health and fewer long-term limiting health concerns. Bonding with family and friends appears to enhance health, and even increase longevity,” Vishal Gondal, founder and CEO, GOQii, was quoted as saying about the report.

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