Centre Of Healing Organises Virtual Event On The Occasion Of International Yoga Day

Yoga helps to build a strong immune system. A daily breathing regime of 10-minute helps in the long run

The relevance of yoga — amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which has upended the lives and livelihoods of millions of people around the world — has increased substantially. As we celebrate the seventh International Yoga Day on June 21, this year especially, we need to understand how its healing touch can improve our physical well-being.

To know the importance of yoga in everyone’s life and views of people from various sectors this virtual event was organized.  Moderating the event Ms. Pooja Gupta, Vice-President- Centre of Healing asked the importance.

Speaking on the importance of Yoga in India Ms. Swati Sawhney, Founder- Centre of Healing said,” Yoga, which originated in India and has been part of the Indian civilisation for millennia, has been a practice that aligns our mind, body and spirit, and enhances mental clarity. It is an effective tool to reduce stress and improve motor functions, which, in turn, helps keep various health problems at bay”.

Speaking on the views and benefits of Yoga, Mr. Uday Raval, Yoga Expert said,” Yoga plays a very vital role in everyone’s life. Yoga and related practices are forms of exercise that engage the body and mind of the person. These provide both physical and mental benefits by improving flexibility, balance and posture, and range of motion. Yoga is an effective way to maximize the joy of living in a fit and healthy body. Regular practice of yoga can give you more flexibility, stability and give your body good balance and strength. Yoga touts to have many health benefits both curative and preventive, including stress reduction, more people are trying out yoga as a way to maintain their physical and mental health. Furthermore, yoga reduce stress through controlled breathing and mental focus. This results in improved sleep cycle, which helps prevent mood swings, depression, and other disorders. Development and sustenance of Global Peace, Progress, Prosperity and Personality development are also linked by Yoga”. He also performed various yoga during the event”.

In the virtual event, participants included Mr. Rahul Ranjan, Director- Mrig Sight Media, Ms. Swiza Paul, Educationalist and Microbiologist, Astrologer Sonia Raj, and Ms. Rachna Nagrath Sahwney.

Yoga has gained incredible popularity in the last few years, and according to some insightful yoga statistics, more than 30 million people practice this 5,000-year-old Indian discipline. Yoga statistics reveal that 72% of yoga practitioners are women. No wonder yoga has become so popular; it brings numerous mental and physical health benefits and promotes mindfulness.

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