Cancer Patient Spends Days On Streets As Delhi Hospitals Deny Admission, IYC Relief Team Comes To Rescue

cancer patient delhi

A cancer patient – along with her two daughters, a son, and husband – was forced to spend several days on streets as she was denied admission by almost all the hospitals in the national capital.

Durgesh Jha, a resident of Faridabad, came to Delhi some 4-5 days ago after a civic hospital referred his wife – a cancer patient – to Safdarjung hospital. But, they were denied admission. He went to several other hospitals in the hope that someone will admit her wife but in vain.

Soon, they ran out of money and decided to sit outside the Parliament, expecting that someone from the government will help them. But none bothered to offer any help. Meanwhile, Srinivas B.V, national president of Indian Youth Congress, got to know about the family from some media persons and immediately instructed IYC Relief Team to extend all possible support to them.

“We got to know about them trough some media persons and when we reached there we got emotional by seeing their condition. The cancer patient immediately needed ICU as she was not able to breathe and was having severe internal body pain,” said Manu Jain, a member of the IYC Relief Team.

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“We immediately brought them to our office and then our relief team took them to AIIMS. By that time we checked the refer slip which was for Safdarjung. So we took them to Safdarjung hospital. The hospital administration was reluctant about admitting them but we tried hard and finally managed to get her admitted,” Jain said

According to Jain, this is not just the first story and they are seeing poor patients suffering on the streets every day.

IYC Relief Team
The cancer patient while being taken to Safdarjung Hospital by IYC Relief Team.

“Our team is outside several hospitals but we have started to feel helpless. We managed to save one life but we have limited resources and can’t help everyone. We are not the government,” he said.

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According to the IYC Relief Team, mortuaries of hospitals are full of dead bodies and people are running from pillar to post to get tested for COVID-19.

“We receive requests for help from people who say that they are not being tested despite the fact that their family members died because of coronavirus,” Jain said.

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