Cancer: Causes, Prevention And Treatment In India

Cancer has various stages of spreading in our body. When someone goes for a check-up their doctor tells them the stage of cancer in their body.

Cancer has become the most common disease throughout the world including India. It is a disease that can happen because of no cause or it can happen because of various causes. Basically, cancer is a group of more than 100 diseases that can occur in any part of your body.

Many people still have the question, how does cancer grow in our body?

Our body is made up of trillions of cells that grow and die from time to time and it is a necessary process of the body. Cancer grows when something abnormal happens to this process, When the body is making a new cell but the older one doesn’t die it converts them into a cancerous cell.

Cancer has various stages of spreading in our body. When someone goes for a check-up their doctor tells them the stage of cancer in their body which means how much it has spread. The stage of cancer decides how it can be treated, some people get well treated that their cancer never comes back and for some people, it gets harder to get good treatment.

Cancer treatment in India

When we talk about cancer in India we think that good treatment of cancer is rare or difficult in our country. Many affluent Indians prefer to go abroad for treatment, assuming that they can never be treated well when it comes to cancer in India.

However, this is only a myth or a fear in the mind of Indians. Dr.Indu Aggarwal, a Cancer specialist says that “This is just a fear in people’s minds that cancer can not be treated in India. We have international quality treatment in India and if someone is in any doubt then we have the availability of consultation through video or audio calls from the doctors of other countries”.

Causes of cancer

According to Dr. Indu Aggarwal Head of Department, Preventive Oncology at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre (RGCIRC) , the main cause of cancer is consuming tobacco and consuming alcohol in your daily life. Also not maintaining a healthy weight and not having a healthy lifestyle can cause cancer.

She says that there are many experts opinions circulating over social media platforms or other platforms of communication regarding the disease. Some believe that use of electronic gadgets can cause cancer, but they have not proven yet. The main cause of cancer is the consumption of tobacco and alcohol in a large amount and these causes are the only proven causes.”.

How can we prevent cancer?

Dr. Indu Aggarwal suggests that to prevent cancer one needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order to prevent cancer one should avoid tobacco and alcohol and also people should go for plant-based food instead of eating red meat because red meat can also cause cancer. Maintain a healthy weight and do daily exercises to avoid having an unhealthy body”.

We read everywhere that people should avoid going into the sunlight or should avoid living in pollution but just by following these two or three things won’t help in preventing cancer. Cancer prevention starts from a healthy lifestyle which includes daily physical workouts, eating healthy and plant-based foods and not junk foods, avoid having people around who opt for tobacco and alcohol in their daily life.

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