Can Coronavirus Spread From Vegetables We Buy From Market?


The number of coronavirus positive cases is on the rise in India but the government has given several relaxations in the lockdown that was imposed to curb the spread of the deadly virus. As the COVID-19 spread widens, there are several questions running through the minds of people. One of them is – can the deadly disease spread from vegetables we buy from the market?

Several experts have predicted that the COVID-19 outbreak could have a lasting impact on how we eat, work, and live. Washing hands frequently, wearing masks, following social distancing norms could be new normal. Several reports have indicated that the deadly virus stays on the surface for long and therefore it is advisable to sanitize your hand frequently. But the good news is that COVID-19 doesn’t spread from the vegetables we eat.

Cooking at a very high temperature kills COVID-19 virus

According to Dr Mohsin Wali, former honorary physician to the president of India, almost all vegetables which we use are cooked at a very high temperature rendering the COVID-19 virus dead in the process.

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“Wash it with just normal water and you can add some salt. The virus will not spread from Yvegetable because it will be ultimately cooked at high temperatures. What one needs to do is wash your hand every time you touch those vegetables. The virus will spread via hand so everyone needs to wash or sanitize it frequently,” Dr Mohsin Wali said.

Earlier there were reports that vegetables must be washed with vinegar, then some suggested that it should be washed potassium permanganate ant there were some who went on to suggest that vegetables should be soaked in soap water.

“There is no evidence to suggest that these things kill the coronavirus. If you want to be extra careful, carry your own bag when go to the market and keep it outside your house. Keep vegetables for at least four hours before using it. The virus on vegetables will die off within this period,” the senior physician said.

So stay at home, wash your vegetables with water, enjoy your food, and be safe.

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