Camex Wellness Introduces India’s First Scientifically Proven Menstrual Pain Relief Device – WELME

A revolutionary idea backed by TENS-therapy to conquer period cramps

Founded in 2009, popular health and wellness company, Camex Wellness, is known for making the world a pain-free place and is all set to add another feather in their cap by introducing an innovatively designed, wearable, and easy-to-carry device that uses TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to relieve period pain – WELME. The device is specially developed to provide comfort to menstruating females suffering from period cramps, which are also scientifically known as Dysmenorrhea.

Preksha Chopra, Founder – Welme, is a multifaceted and multi-talented woman who is leading this brand from the front. Her expertise and experience in the industry of body pain management devices based on TENS technology gave her this revolutionary idea.

She says,My R&D and design team have managed to incorporate the smart technology of TENS into a pocket-size product. I have tried it myself and on experiencing positive results, shared this newly developed device with my female friends, family and employees. The pain did not have a chance, and today, this product has now become a revolutionary wellness product, helping women carry out their day-to-day activities without any hassle – period or no period.

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