Burst The Myth; say it Openly

When we talk about periods our voice automatically goes low and converts in to whisper as if we are talking of some great secrete. We have been brought up with many myths attached to periods. Some where it makes women impure and they are not allowed to do common household activity, somewhere they r not allowed to touch many things like pickle. Even some people disgrace the period blood and say it can be used for black magic. Even most educated and aware population also believes in some of these myths. Here are top 5 myths related to menstruation.



Menstrual myths have a long history rooted in our lack of understanding of the human body and our habit of deductive reasoning based on symptoms. But our beliefs and practices must change with time and with scientific advancement. It’s also important to know the context in which some practices were suggested once upon a time, so as to debunk myths with a logical and nuanced explanation. It is a long road ahead for emancipation of women from the stigma of menstruation, but like any other hundred foot journey, this too needs to begin with the small step of our breaking free from the taboo and shame and encouraging others to do the same by using the power of reason.

Written By : Prakhya Srivastava

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