Brown is Beautiful

Living in post globalization society, we commonly find ourselves surrounded by advertisements on fairness creams, fairness treatments & other thousand ways to convey that we could be more or do more; only if we are a shade fairer.

This whole bed of lies masquerading in shiny glittery packaging seems appealing at first, but this appeal is only generated by telling us that we are not perfect as we are, our skin is not perfect as it is and thus it needs to be changed.

The concept of making argument for fair skin is not only morally incorrect but fails on scientific terms too. Darker skin is more evolved & suitable for humans. Darker Skin easily adapts to sunlight & has increased quality of pigment called Melanin. Melanin along with other factors acts as a ‘Natural Umbrella’ and prevents harmful radiation from entering our body. It further gives us protection against bacterial infection.

If you are fed by commercials that say that fairer skins makes you look & feel younger. Trust me, it is as mythical an argument as existence of unicorns. On the contrary, it is the darker skin that is less prone to ageing, fine & deep wrinkles, freckles etc.

Therefore, instead of exposing your skin to the harmful chemicals present in the fairness creams, BE IN LOVE WITH YOUR SKIN. Take proper care of it using natural remedies. Be comfortable in it & that’s what will make you shine, happy & confident.

It will further have a positive impact on your personality, mental health, professional & work life.

Cheers Ladies !!!

Written by : Apurva Arora

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