Break the myth: Sex during periods is safe and enjoyable

Sex during periods is safe and enjoyable

From decades having sex during period not considered good.  Some feels it dirty while some doesn’t make it due to religious and social believe.  Mid wives says it lessen the age of the male

partner but In reality it is all myth.

Truth is period is the best time for making love.  It’s safe,  more enjoyable,  pain and stress relieving.  Dr C B.Singh, sexologist  Noida says “best time of having sex is when you feel like it.  Menstruation on or off doesn’t matter. But most females r on high libido while their periods due to charged level of hormones and it’s an add-on benefit for male partner”

Top 10 benefit of having sex during period

  • Better lubrication gives more pleasure to both partner
  • high hormone levels increases sex drive
  • it’s safe there is no tension of pregnancy
  • Orgasm helps in relieving muscle cramps.
  • Secretion of serotonin and endorphin helps in elevating mood and also help in pain.
  • it sometime shorten the period span.

Dr Nidhi Gupta, Sr consultant gynecology, JP hospital Noida said “there is fluid retention in lower abdomen and pelvic mussels during period a good orgasm helps in releasing that fluid and results in lesser pain. “It’s an individual matter of choice and completely safe if done with precaution and maintaining hygiene, she added.

Some precautions to make it more memorable

  • Clean the vagina before the session for more aesthetic experience
  • use condom
  • if tampon are being used than it should be removed completely

So if you still thinking than break the taboo. change your mind and keep it in your to do list and Be ready for may be little massy but steaming, ecstasy-full experience.

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