Biker’s Rally Organized To Raise Public Awareness On Preventable Vision Impairment

Irrespective of age, vision problems in the recent times has taken a toll on everybody’s overall well-being causing variety of ailments, especially among the Indian youth. In order to raise awareness on curbing down the instances of preventable blindness and how advanced technology can reduce the morbidity burden of vision impairment through timely intervention, India’s largest Eye Care Hospital, Centre For sight in association with Rocco Riderz organised a 20 Km bikathon today.

The Biker’s rally was flagged off from Safdarjung Enclave witnessing a huge gathering of over 300 bikers, who took part in the breakfast ride to raise public awareness about the importance eye health and concluded at Centre for Sight eye institution at Dwarka, New Delhi. The rally was followed by a Nukkad Natak reinforcing the need to involve more and more general public to participate in safeguarding their eye health by getting a simple eye exam every year.

“With changing lifestyle patterns and excessive usage of digital screens by people of all age brackets, there is an exponential increase in the number of patients suffering from mild to severe vision problems which are preventable or treatable. Ignoring symptoms like blurry vision, blocked peripheral vision, dry or watery eyes, if treated timely can assist in reducing the burden of vision impairment in India. With a huge burden of vision impairment in India, there is an immediate need to take preventive measures on a very urgent basis.” Said Dr Mahipal Singh Sachdev, Chairman -Centre For Sight group of Hospital, New Delhi.

As per the recent reports provided by WHO (World Health Organization), the burden of blindness has crossed over 4 crores globally, and around 22 crore are suffering from visual impairment. India contributes a massive 12% of its total population attributing to the burden of blindness and preventable vision impairments. Apart from affecting quality of life of an individual, such huge numbers also hinders the social and economic development of a nation.

“With cataract and refractive error being the most common and easily preventable causes of blindness, India as a country needs cataract surgery coverage as social equalizer indicator, to enhance not only the quality of life of its elderly but also the workforce delivery of the nation. Corneal blindness also needs to be advocated as   the biggest good one can do to the world once one leaves the world, India being the country in need of highest number of transplants. With the ever-changing technology the treatment outcomes continue to improve but the only challenge remains is making it accessible to all.” Added Dr Mahipal

As Committed to their Corporate Social Responsibility, Centre for Sight Group of Hospitals have been conducting various walkathons, Bikathon and several awareness activities across Delhi NCR region to raise awareness on importance of eye health.

“We are happy to be a part of this noble initiative taken by Center For Sight Group of Hospitals. Such initiatives are really helpful in creating awareness, connect and encourage people to understand the importance of regular and timely screening in prevention of eye related ailments.” Said Biker Rocco Riderz.


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