Being Overweight And Alcohol Are Not A Good Mix: Know Why You Should Stop

While some studies found that alcohol like red wine has health benefits, but who wishes to drop the stubborn pounds alcohol isn’t the best for you

If you are someone who is overweight or obese then alcohol is not your best friend. Drinking alcohol might be most people’s favorite pastime, but it can be harmful if you have no control over it. While some studies found that alcohol like red wine has health benefits, but if you want to drop the stubborn pounds, it is better to stay away from alcohol.

A new study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that being overweight or obese are more likely to suffer the serious effects of alcohol on their liver as compared to people who do not consume alcohol.

According to the study conducted by the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre with over half a million people, obesity and alcohol consumption can catalyze liver damage. It is never a good idea of excessive consumption of alcohol and it is especially dangerous if the person consuming alcohol is already obese or overweight.

Senior author and research program director Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis from the Charles Perkins Centre and the Faculty of Medicine and Health said, “People in the overweight or obese range who drank were found to be at greater risk of liver diseases compared with participants within a healthy weight range who consumed alcohol at the same level. Even for people who drank within alcohol guidelines, participants classified as obese were at over 50 per cent greater risk of liver disease.”

Dr. Rajan Verma, Medical Director, Lab operations, Oncquest Laboratories Ltd said, “Alcoholic drinks contain an excessive amount of calories and their nutrition value is close to zero. Moreover, the calories in alcoholic drinks do not satiate hunger; instead, they can further stimulate hunger and lead people to make poor eating choices. Furthermore, people who frequent bars too often may also be missing out on other healthier activities that may help to keep the weight in check.”

Here’s the bottom line though: “Everyone likes to have fun, and while a little bit of alcohol here and there may not turn one’s health regimen topsy-turvy, one should recognize the need to enforce some discipline to stay healthy and fit. No amount of fun is worth causing permanent damage to one’s body”, Dr. Rajan Verma added.

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