At The Centre of Healing, Spiritual and Therapeutic Methods Used to Cure Patients of Stress and Depression’, says Founder Member Gurpreet Singh Arora

New Delhi, December 23-There are a lot of ailments which find their cure in medication or surgery but there are many other mental and psychological issues faced by the people which requires other modalities of treatment such spiritual healing, a form of therapy which deals with mental stress, depression and other ailments and is gradually gaining popularity among common people.

The Centre of Healing offers such a kind of healing through its various modalities including hypnotherapy and past life regression people are opting for increasingly.

Healthwire (HW) speaks to Gurpreet Singh Arora (GSA)

HW. For a common reader on our website who wants to about spiritual healing, What is The Centre of Healing all about and your association with it?

GSA. At The Centre of Healing, it’s not the spirituality that works but also other scientific approaches that work. So if we talk about Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Past life regression, Age regression, these are the therapies which require scientific approach. Then there are modalities like Reiki, lama fera that come under the bracket of spirituality. People think that they can take medicine and get cured but if we talk about the meditation, it’s can give instant relief but it can also have side effects. Where as in our therapy, people don’t have side effects. There are certain things which can be cured only through the healings that we provide and not through medication. For eg. for a problem like stammering, people think they should approach a speech therapist but it’s not the case because person stammers, sings well or talks smoothly when he is either very happy or sad, which means that the person can talk smoothly otherwise and his stammering is due to something which is his mind which can be cured. It is very strange that people don’t identify the problem and approach wrong modalities when they don’t know whom to approach.

I’m one of the founder members.The Centre of Healing was founded by Swati Sawhney. I’m associated with Centre of Healing since its inception.

HW. Since how long have you been healing your patients here? Why did you feel that there was a need to heal a patient through spiritual and other non-medical methods? Do you also offer residential facilities for people seeking healing?

GSA. I’ve been working here for the last eight years and it has been a rich learning experience for me.

The answer to your question as to why did we feel the need to heal other people, there’s a story related to it. Actually, our founder Swati had found many such people who were on medication and were having a lot of side effect issues. This aspect of people’s illness impacted Swati a lot. This made Swati to decide that she would soon do something about it. If you believe in spirituality, you can get readily benefitted. Sometimes you are getting cured but you can’t feel so here the believing part becomes important. Since healing is all about the cosmic energy present in the universe, it is necessary to sit face to face for healing. A person can be healed while sitting away like, say, in United States also.

The second of our story is about me. I was deep into depression once and while getting healed for my depression I got to know as to how certain therapies could pull you out of depression and mind related problems. The healing therapies made me feel good about myself again and that was the time when I decided that I will also learn how healing works and that’s how I got associated with profession and got involved into the therapy part.

Regarding residential facilities, I can say that as of now we have not started any such facilities. As I have mentioned a while ago that distance healing also works very well with the patients. So if someone is away from our Centre, we can offer them distance healing. We just need some details about that person and a description of the problem one is going through and effective healing can be done very easily.

HW. What is the mode, methodology or structure of your treatment of healing? How is it different and effective from many other centres of treatment we keep hearing?

GSA. The healing thing we do is to listen to a patient. For instance, if we listen to a person with depression, we get to know what really happened there. For such people, half of their problems are solved when someone listens to them as a counsellor listens to that patient is a professional and a non-judgmental way and adheres to the principles of privacy which gives confidence to the patient. We do therapies also but first we see if the patient can be healed through counselling because we have found that many teenagers who are brought by their parents can be healed through counselling whereas the parents want them to go through therapies like hypnotherapy etc. Apart from therapies we also make our patients indulge in some activities like badminton in which your focus in always on the game and not on the face of your opponent. This helps a patient in overcoming overthinking, anxiety and depression. We also encourage our patient activities like gardening amd walking.

HW. How has been the response of the people who have come here for spiritual healing?

GSA. The response has been great. The therapies and spiritual healing we do has helped people overcoming depression and has brought about behavioral changes in them. For eg. they interact better in their families, people who are in depression come out of it. We see that every health issue in people comes down to stress and if we come to medication it can help one instantly but in the long run it is the spiritual healing which works.

HW. How much cost effective is your treatment?

GSA. Our healing is very much affordable as the cost isn’t too much. Many people don’t know the significance of a mind related problem and if you go to doctors they will simply give you anti-depressants. But we here provide spiritual scientific healing with affordable costs.

HW. In the years to come how do you see the importance of spiritual healing

GSA. I see a great potential in spiritual . Not only in India but many foreigners also follow believe in spiritual healing. For eg. Hypnotherapy is not only in India, it is widely practised in other countries too. Even many people in those countries go for hypnothetic anasthesia instead of medical anasthesia. Many people in India get cured of mind programming. Mind programming is a procedure through which we bring positive thoughts in people’s mind.

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