Asthama : Shortness of Breath

New Delhi: What is asthama?
Asthma is a disease in which inflammation of the respiratory tract leads to infection and mucus secretion becomes high, in which case the respiratory tracts shrink and the patient starts having difficulty in breathing.This is called asthma.About 100 million people in India have asthma.

In asthma, a person breathes, has chest pain, coughs, feels chest tightness, and sometimes there is a sound from the throat.

Types of asthma:
1. allergic
2. non-allergic
3. occupational asthma
4. exercise induced asthma
5. Beedi cigarette smoke, infection, phlegm and cold (flu) pneumonia, and various types of pollen, dust mites, and hair and hair that break from animal bodies increase the intensity of asthma.

Identification of Asthma:
Through the patient’s chronic medical history, sometimes it is genetic. If the child’s parents have asthma, then there is a 50% higher chance of asthma in children. The patient is identified by examination and by pulmonary function test and X-ray.

Treatment of asthma:
With medicines,
With physiotherapy,
And is done with psychotherapy.
Injections mainly in medicines,
And inhaler are used.
In the said treatment, inhaler is the best treatment.

Advantages of inhaler:
Medication is used in small amounts.
The drug has fewer side effects.
Treatment with an inhaler is cheaper.
But there is a myth in the society that inhaler is the ultimate treatment of asthma whereas in reality the inhaler is the primary treatment for asthma.

Another fallacy is that once the inhaler is started, asthma is not cured. After taking the inhaler one must rinse it with plain water. Asthma patients can lead their lives as normal citizens if they take the following precautions:

Like if you have asthma,if you are a patient, keep your medicines with you, consume them regularly, the doctor gives you two types of inhalers, one is a controller and the other is a reliever inhaler, a reliever inhaler is taken daily. While the controller inhaler is taken in the event of an attack.

Be sure to learn the right way to take an inhaler from your doctor. Drink sufficient amount of water, water temperature should be equal to body temperature.

Eat seasonal greens, vegetables and fresh fruits, stale food should not be eaten.Keep your body warm because cold winds cause contractions in your respiratory tracts.

Always try to breathe through the nose because turbinates are found inside the nose which are the air conditioners of the body. They heat the cold air and cool the hot air.

Carpets should not be laid in the room of asthma patients. Asthma patients must keep the beds in the sun once a week.

Asthma patients should avoid venturing out of the house in the morning and evening because there is moisture in the atmosphere during the morning and evening, due to moisture, polluted causes and pollen particles become heavy and the atmosphere becomes dense due to humidity.

For this reason, all these polluted particles get into our response zone, which go into the lungs through our breath and react there. If patients come out of the house due to any reason, then they should walk from head to foot covered.

The patient should stay out of the house while roasting spices in the house or while burning incense sticks in the pooja lesson.Mosquito covale or mosquito fume should not be burnt in the patient’s home.

Asthma patients should not stay at these places even when painting the house or painting.No one should be allowed to smoke where there is an asthma patient. Asthma patients should not heat fire. Because the smoke emanating from them also contains very polluted particles which can increase asthma attacks.

If asthma patients use heaters or blowers to heat themselves, there should be a system of cross ventilation. Asthma patients should sleep with their head elevated while lying down, so that if the pressure of the intestines is not on the lungs, if there is pressure on the lungs, the difficulty in breathing increases.

Asthma patients should not keep a dog cat parrot in their home. There should be no dust, smoke, dust and moisture in the house of asthma patients. For cleanliness in the houses of asthma patients, only mop the place of broom, do not dust. There should also be no cockroaches, termites and spiders in the house of asthma patients.
Asthma patients should avoid stress, stress increases asthma attack.
Asthma patients should not consume heavy food. Use chilli, spices, ghee, oil to a minimum. Cigarettes and alcohol should not be consumed.
One should keep doing Bayam Pranayam and exercising regularly.
Obesity should be avoided.
Every person is his first doctor himself. Therefore, whatever is a problem, etc., the patient should avoid it.

Now it has become unclear that if an asthma patient can live life like a common man with regular eating, alcohol, stress-free regular routine, avoiding smoking and alcohol and regular medicines taken with the advice of a doctor.

(Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Dubey Medical Superintendent and Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Civil hospital Hazratganj Lucknow ,Uttar Pradesh)

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