As PM Modi Asks States To Implement Delhi Model in NCR, AAP Claims Credit

Delhi and Centre government are engaged in a war of words to claim credit for the decline in COVID-10 cases in the national capital.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday reviewed the COVID-19 situation in the country. The Prime Minister took stock of the situation in various parts of the country and the preparedness of various States and reiterated the need to observe personal hygiene and social discipline in public places.

He also appreciated the concerted efforts of the Centre, State and local authorities in containing the pandemic situation in Delhi and directed other states to adopt similar approach in containing the COVID-19 pandemic in the entire NCR area.

He also directed that real-time national-level monitoring and guidance should be provided to all affected States and places with high test positivity rate.

However, Delhi and Centre government are engaged in a war of words to claim credit for the decline in COVID-10 cases in the national capital.

While the Bharatiya Janata Part attributed the improvement in the situation to the “timely intervention” of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party pointed out spike in the number of cases in the BJP-ruled states.

“Spike in Covid-19 cases in BJP Ruled States: Gujarat – 27.4% Madhya Pradesh – 28.6% Uttar Pradesh – 51% Karnataka 89% Why BJP Govt isn’t taking charge of its own states?” the AAP Delhi wrote on Twitter in a response to BJP’s tweet.

Zero deaths took place in home isolation in the first week of July and the total number of daily deaths has also shown a sharp decline, according to the findings of a Delhi government’s study.

During the fortnight 24 June and 8 July, a total of 691 deaths took place in Delhi, which is an average of 46 deaths per day during this period. All these deaths were studied and analyzed by the health department of the Delhi government.

Some of the important findings are –

* In the last few days, the no. of daily deaths have been reducing. From a high of 101 daily deaths in mid-June, daily deaths have come down to around 46 deaths a day during last fortnight marking a significant improvement.

* Delhi’s overall death rate has come down to 3.02% from 3.64% in June. However, daily average has come down to roughly 2.5% with average daily number of deaths being less than 50 and daily number of fresh cases being around 2000 in last fortnight.

* Out of a total of 691 deaths that happened in last fortnight, only 7 deaths happened in home isolation (between 24 June to 30 June). Not a single death has occurred in July of any patient under home isolation. This can be attributed to the Chief Minister’s decision to distribute oximeters to all patients under home isolation. The use of these oximeters alerts the patients of any dropping oxygen levels which is an early sign of deteriorating health.

* As per Central Government’s Paul Committee, 45% of deaths in India occur during the first 48 hours. In Delhi, this has come down to only 15%.

 Several steps taken by the government are responsible for this.

* Of the 691 deaths, 505 patients were in serious condition, when admitted to hospitals. 291 of these patients were already in a hospital when tested positive, everyone else got timely admission into the hospital. The study found delay in hospital admission in case of only 28 patients.

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