Army creates facility at Manesar for China evacuees

Healthwire Bureau

New Delhi, February 1: Responding to an emergency requirement to create and manage a facility for quarantine of approximately 300 Indian students arriving from Wuhan in China, the Indian Army on Friday created a facility near Manesar, where the students can be monitored for a duration of two weeks by a qualified team of doctors and staff members.

The procedure of screening and quarantine will comprise two steps, the first one being screening at airport followed by quarantine at Manesar and if any individual is suspected to be infected, he/she will be shifted to the isolation ward at Base Hospital Delhi Cantonment (BHDC), an Indian Army official said.

On their arrival, screening at the airport will be done by a joint team of Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) and Airport Health Authority (APHO).

During the screening they will be classified into three groups, including suspect case, close contact and non contact case.

Individuals with any signs of fever and/or cough and/or respiratory distress will be directly transferred to BHDC while those are in close contact will be escorted in an earmarked vehicle directly to the quarantine facility.

Any individual without any symptom(s) or contact or who does not fit into either (a) or (b) will also be clubbed along with the close contact category and sent to the quarantine facility, the official added.

The facility consists of accommodation barracks for the students, administrative areas and medical facility area.

To prevent mass outbreak, the facility has been divided into sectors, each with a maximum capacity of 50 students.

Each barrack has been further subdivided into barracks. The population of sectors will not be allowed to intermingle with each other, the official said.

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