Are you Worried About Forgetting Important Things in This Exam Season?

Manisha Dhingra

New Delhi : While it is true that genetics plays a role in having a sharp memory, there are other things as well impacting it to a greater extent. For example, our lifestyle, our ability to handle stress, work pressure, eating habits.

Changing our lifestyle and other controllable things will have a positive impact on memory. Here are a few easy tips to improve your memory:

1. Eat Healthy –
Fruits and vegetables like avocado, beans, beets, blueberry, broccoli, cauliflower, coconut, walnuts, rosemary, turmeric are brain boosters, try including them in your diet. For non-veg
lovers, egg yolk, salmon, red meat are some of the memory power food. Cooking oil can also play an important role, try cooking in fish oil, extra virgin cold press olive or coconut oil.

2. Exercise –
Regular exercise improves the blood flow to our brain which in turn helps the brain cells to multiply and protects the existing cells from damaging. It also takes your mind off from stress and day to day obstacles. It makes your body stronger and heathier.

3. Right Amount of Sleep –
The amount of sleep directly effects our brain. A minimum of 7 hours of sleep is suggested for brain to function at its full capacity the next day. In lay man language, when we sleep, our brain
writes the events of the day in the memory. So, for better memory, our body and mind needs a good night sleep.

4. Meditation –
Meditation is like exercise for our brain. We have uncountable thoughts flowing through our brain. Meditation helps separate positive thoughts from negative and gives a better direction to
mind and memory.

5. Simple Mathematic Questions –
Start doing simple arithmetic questions mentally, like 25 times 25, 16 times 16, pick up random number and start subtracting or multiplying. Try doing these in free time, when you are waiting
for bus, cab, travelling in train. Try involving these on dinner table or during lunch hour with
friends and family.

6. Mind Teasers & Puzzles –
Try doing puzzles, like sudoku, crossword. Initially you might find them boring but once you start crossing levels and complexity stages, you might find yourself glued to such puzzles. There are so many puzzles available online that you don’t even have to wait for the newspaper or go to book store. God bless the smartphones!

7. Break the Circle –
Skip the schedule occasionally, try doing something new or in different way, take a different route to work, order something else in lunch, talk to stranger, talk to someone you are afraid of or you dislike. Break the everyday circle.

8. Take Up a Hobby –
Try developing a new skill, take up a new hobby, something you were always fascinated by but never thought to try. It helps develop both left and right side of brain cells and boost memory

9. Learn A New Language –
Learning a new language is like a new challenge for the memory. It will help stimulate the brain cells and will help you improve the memory. It will help increase the capability of mind and
memory both.

10. Music –
Listening to music always help develop both sides of the brain. It engages our brain, relaxes our mind of the stress and help improve our memory. Listening to instrumental music is an even better memory booster.

(The writer has been associated with NDTV, Indian express and Dainik Jagran)

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