Are You In Your 30s? Follow These Beauty Tips To Avoid Ageing

Dr Viral Desai, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai and Pune

Remember Joey in Friend’s who refused to turn 30 and Rachel’s stress of the big 3 and 0?

Their concerns were genuine. In your 30s everything is just going right but the skin begins to reflect the stress you go through. Tired looking complexions, acne breakouts and changes in skin texture are the first signs of ageing that you will notice. But the good news is that you can take simple steps to avoid ageing.

  • Hydrate the skin inside out! Use moisturizers that contain glycerine and hyaluronic acids that draw the moisture from air and hydrate your skin and of course drink adequate amount of water throughout the day.
  • An antioxidant serum is the key to reducing the free radical damage. Use it daily in your daytime routine.
  • Don’t ignore your neck and hands when moisturizing.
  • SPF protection is must every day. Don’t even think of stepping out of the house without sunscreen.
  • Treat your eyes with a niacinamide cream that will keep the lines, dark circles and puffiness in control.
  • Introduce retinol in your night routine to reduce the pores and pigmentation.

Don’t be hesitant to contact your dermatologist for professional treatments. Regular microdermabrasion and chemical peel treatments once in three months will exfoliate the skin and prevent age from reflecting in your face. CO2 laser treatments once in every skin months are great skin rejuvenation option if you spend too much time outdoors.

Don’t forget to include good diet and regular exercise in your daily routine. Cut down on smoking and alcohol for the good of your skin. Start today and you will have a radiant and dewy complexion that will last for a lifetime.

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