Are You Experiencing these Signs and Symptoms? If Yes, then You Possibly Have a Neurological Disorder 

Neurological disorders in man

New Delhi, December 4-If someone suffers with a Neurological Disorders, it is not only the patient whose life is altered but also the lives of people around him/her eg. family and friends which get highly impacted. Hence it is very important that one should seek medical assistance from leading neurologists in the country and try to get detected early to ensure better treatment and possibly a cure.

Like every disorder or disease, even neurological disorder has its one set of  symptoms. There at atleast five basic symptoms which put you in the realm of a Neurological Disorder.  They are as follows:

Vision Impairment

It’s possible that a neurological disorder may cause damage to the vision controlling occipital lobe in patients’ brain. When that happens, a person may get affected by the partial or complete loss of vision. This neurological vision impairment is associated with symptoms such as blurry or hazy vision, double vision, photophobia (a problem in bright light), etc. The person is also not able to perceive and interpret his/her surrounding making it difficult for him/her to interact with people.

Memory-related Problems

A patient may also have problems in retrieving one’s information and the overall process of memorization. This lack of memory or lack of concentration power, points to a progressive neurological disease such as Agnosia. As the individual cannot concentrate on what is being said, he/she will not be able to process the information and hence will not remember anything. There are times when the long-term memory often remains intact, but the short-term memories fade away from the person’s mind.

Muscle or Joint Pain

One of the most common symptoms of neurological diseases is pain different parts of the body such as back pain, neck pain, or the pain in the muscles and joint. Chronic headaches are also a part of neurological symptoms. There are cases where the chronic pain might be an age-related change. However, one cannot skip the fact that it may also be the sign directing the problem in the nervous system.

lack of or Excessive Sleep

If you are having sleep related issues offlate, you may want to consider it as a precursor of neurological problem. Interestingly, a person may have two kinds of sleep disorders- Insomnia and Hypersomnia. They are are the two commonly known sleep disorders that can critically affect your health. While in insomnia, you will not be able to sleep, hypersomnia makes you sleep excessively. These disorders then give way to anxiety that again is another symptom of neurological disorders.

Loss of Sensation

A constant feeling of numbness in your body which may include partial or complete loss of sensation, can be an indicator of many serious health related problems including neurological disorder. In such a situation, the person is not able to feel any sensation whether it is related to touch, pain, vibration or temperature. They may not be able to use their body part properly and hence have difficulties in balance, coordination, walking, and driving or doing any other physical work.

So, in case you feel that you are having one or more than of the above mentioned symptoms, you must contact your neurologist immediately for a possible early diagnose and swift treatment.

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