Anil Kapoor Shows How To Beat Driving Stress, Check Here

In a video shared on his social media, he is seen enjoying the day sitting in the backseat of a car pampering himself.

An iconic ambassador of good health and a megastar of Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor on Monday was seen taking a day off from the driving seat. In a video shared on his social media, he is seen enjoying the day sitting in the backseat of a car pampering himself.

Uber, an American mobility service provider, on Monday launched #RentalHealthDay which is a campaign that highlights the stress of driving on long busy days across various locations in India. Uber has launched Uber Rentals as a perfect solution to beat the driving stress on road. Well, the campaign has been launched with a film starring Anil Kapoor.

Anil Kapoor in a light-hearted video with a genuine message at its heart reveals one of the secrets behind his ever-lasting youth, he says he skips whatever gives him stress. A helpful message for those who embark on one of the most stressful activities – city driving. The campaign also used shorter video formats to emphasise the use of Uber Rentals in our daily lives. These videos, starring Anil Kapoor, are currently playing on YouTube.

Ameya Velankar, Head of Marketing, speaking about the campaign, Uber India South Asia said, “At Uber, we constantly reimagine the way the world moves. We want to give our customers the option to leave their car behind and make their long, hectic days stress-free. Our product team has designed Uber Rentals in a way that it enables riders to retain the same car for up to 12 hours and add multiple stops as they go – saving them the effort of finding parking spaces or booking multiple trips.”

Anil Kapoor was the most obvious choice for this campaign according to reports – He happens to be Uber’s rider zero (our first rider) when the company launched Uber in Mumbai 8 years ago. Ameya Velankar said, “a legend in his own right, he is the apt choice whose life demonstrates what living stress-free & taking care of oneself can make you look like even as you chase your ambitions.”

Anil Kapoor shared his thoughts on the film and campaign, “This campaign excited me for two reasons. One, I was the first person in Mumbai to use an Uber. Second, I’m always being asked about my health, fitness routine and diet. Uber gave me that chance to share something more, something that sits at the heart of my approach to life. I truly believe that feeling on top of the world is not just about what you eat and how much you bench, it’s about making choices that allow you to live stress-free everyday; big and small decisions that become a lifestyle over time.”

Dentsu Webchutney’s Executive Creative Director, Manish Thanvi, provided insight into the campaign. ‘Utility requires vanity,’ was our simple mantra when brainstorming a creative platform to increase use cases for Uber Rentals, and thus #RentalHealthDay was born. Consider it self-love in the world of daily transportation, if you will. We had many ideas for how to tell its story, but preaching isn’t a great voice.

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