Anihac Pharma Brings the biggest platform for Mister Model Worldwide 2019

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Ghevra, December 24, 2019: “Come one and Come All” an open platform for all the people who are passionate for modeling all over the world. An opportunity that aimed to give recognition to all the candidates in front of worldwide representatives leading to the exchange of cultures, ideas and modeling techniques mainly.

Anihac Pharma, an International gym nutrition supplement brand owned by Dr. Anuj Choudhary, Internal Fitness Coach recently sponsored an event named Mister Model Worldwide 2019. The event was a contest running through months for short listing contestants for the Grand Finale which was held on December 21st, 2019 at City Park Hotel, Ghevra, and New Delhi.

Roaming around the world and selecting some of the best model who are passionate about modeling, there were a many countries who participated in the Grand Finale were Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, USA and South Africa. Apart from this all a contestants were given a social platform were candidate with maximum votes would get direct entry to the semi finals of the pageant and would be awarded by Mister Model Worldwide 2019, people’s choice award at the finale.

The event welcomed Devendra Pratap Singh Tomar who is the Associate Vice President, Hockey India as the Chief Guest and Dr. Anuj Choudhary, International Fitness Coach and Director of Anihac Pharma was one of the Jury members, who has judged the participants on their fitness level. As per the result of Grand Finale of Mister Model Worldwide representative from Kazakhstan won the title , the first runner up was Korea, 2nd runner up was Afghanistan , 3rd Runner up was Kenya and 4th Runner up was Malaysia. Overall the event was a great success which helped world wide body builders under one roof.

Dr. Anuj Choudhary, Coach of IBBF and Director Anihac Pharma said, “Fitness & Body Building has been my passion since childhood, we deal in selling the nutrition supplements which help people in the same, I myself is an international Fitness coach. Being a part of an international level modeling contest was like a dream come true, I could see young chaps from all over the world displaying their hard work done on the body. It was a spell bounding experience to see such talented candidates on one platform, I would like to congratulate all the winners and runners up and would also wish them that they keep equal level of enthusiasm for fitness all their lives”.

Anihac Pharma is startup and biggest gym supplement and nutrition brand international as well which helps all the people who are passionate about body building to give right nutrition to their body. Anihac Pharma was one of the key sponsors in the Mister Model Worldwide as it was one of the biggest platforms to promote such body building nutrition supplements.

About Anihac Pharma
Anihac Pharma is startup an international gym supplement and nutrition brand in international countries which helps all the people who are passionate about body building to give right nutrition to their body.

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