Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Restaurants, Five Star Hotels Add ‘Immunity-Boosters’ To Their Menus

Be it a humble ‘rasoi’ in your locality or glitzy starred hotels, they all are ready to serve you immunity-booster foods.

Coronavirus pandemic is here to stay, at least till the time we have a vaccine. Things like social distancing, masks, staying at home are new normal during the pandemic. The current situation has made us realize the importance of our body – our greatest asset. In order to keep it safe, we need to increase our immunity. This is why it has become a trend to choose healthy foods whenever and wherever possible. People are making conscious efforts toward consuming immunity-boosting foods. This is because of the reason that food intake plays a very important role in boosting our body’s prowess to heal.

As the government has eased several restrictions that were imposed to curb the outbreak of the coronavirus, restaurants and even high-end hotels are coming up with the ‘immunity-booster’ menu. So be it a humble ‘rasoi’ in your locality or glitzy starred hotels, they all are ready to serve you immunity-booster foods.

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The Samrat, famous for serving authentic traditional Indian food, strongly feels that the essence of Indian cuisine should not be compromised at any level. Considering the change in food preference because of the pandemic, the hotel has added an immunity-boosting kebab recipe to the menu.

According to Chef Rubal Pupenja – Senior Sous Chef, The Samrat – ‘Giloy Aur Tulsi Ke Kabab’ contains a lot of ingredients like Giloy Stem, Giner, and Garlic. Pupenja, who have experience of more than one decade and featured on the famous cookery show ‘Waha Kya Taste Hai’ in the past, said that these ingredients boost immunity and are highly in demand.

Similarly, India Grill, Hilton Garden Inn – a multi-cuisine outlet, with a specialty in the modern Indian cuisine – have added Healthy Booster Chef’s Specials to the menu during the COVID-19 pandemic.

– Steamed fish with superior soya and assorted greens
– Lean Chicken breast with mint jus
– Ginger, Turmeric, Tofu, and spinach curry with steamed rice

According to the chef, all these dishes are loaded with vitamins and minerals which make them a great ‘immunity-booster.’

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Jamavar, a signature fine dining restaurant of The Leela Palace New Delhi, too has introduced immunity-boosting recipes along with some special immunity boosting drinks that are served to all the guests on arrival.

Some of the immunity booster foods on the menu are:

Gucchi Mattar Masala: Key ingredients are Kashmiri morels and peas cooked in caramelized onions and tomato gravy. ‘Gucchi’ morel mushroom is a good source to develop immunity.

Jhinga Lazeez: Prawns simmered in tangy gravy, with royal spices. According to the restaurant, prawn and royal spices are good to boost the immunity)

Not just foods, even cocktails have got a new touch as people are now looking forward to just please their taste buds but also boost their immunity. Blu Oyester Bar and Kitchen – a seafood specialty restaurant in Bangalore – have added two cocktails – Blu Oyester Bar Toddy and Captain Gin & Tonic.

“Toddy has ingredients like cardamom, clove, honey, cinnamon, and pepper. Our other drink, Gin, has star anise and rosemary. All these spices and herbs are loaded with antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties. When consumed individually or in combination, these have tremendous health benefits. These are proven natural immunity boosters and also impart an extra zing to the drinks,” Mithun Reddy, owner of the restaurant, said.

Not only five-star hotels and big restaurants but outlets offering home delivery too also have some form of immunity booster food in their menu. One such outlet is Beeji Ki Rasoi, a vegetarian delivery kitchen in Maharashtra’s Santacruz West.

Beeji Ki Rasoi has introduced Homemade Haldi Cinnamon Milk to their menu. The key ingredients of this milk are 1/2 tablespoon turmeric or Haldi and a pinch of cinnamon.

Moreover, some companies have launched a breakfast range with the goodness and immunity-boosting capabilities of age-old ingredients and 100% natural content.

One such company is Kwality Foods that has introduced its breakfast range of Muesli with 3 specialized flavours namely – Honey and Ginger, Crunchy Muesli with Almonds, Raisins, and Honey, and their most unique blend of flavours – Muesli with Turmeric.

All three variants have no added refined sugar, it is coupled with the goodness and immunity-boosting capabilities of age-old ingredients and 100% natural contents.

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