Alniche Lifesciences To Expand Into Cardio-Diabetic Area

 Introduction of value-added products to take care of vital organs of circulatory system

Alniche Lifesciences is planning to expand into a new therapy area ie cardio-diabetic. This includes the introduction of value-added products to take care of vital organs of the circulatory system that are severely affected due to COVID pandemic.

“It’s alarming that in India, approximately 30% of mortality is attributed to cardio-vascular complications. The cause of concern is not only the low rate of self-reporting but also lack of awareness about its causes and remedial measures. In comparison to other countries, Indians are predisposed to CVD due to various factors like genetic predisposition, unhealthy diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, thus Indian population gets affected 10 years earlier than their counterparts in developed countries.” stated Girish Arora, Founder & MD – Alniche Lifesciences.

He further added, “The company intends to broaden its reach through exports, since Indian pharmaceutical products possess a high reputation in other countries, putting India among the top five pharmaceutical exporters in the world.’’

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