All you need to know about skin care this Holi How to Protect your skin this Holi


Holi being one of the most joyous celebrations in India is popularly celebrated by everyone but with the fun, beautiful colors and amazing food we also have to keep in mind that the colors used in Holi can be harsh on you skin. Did you know that the colors are made of heavy metals and heavy chemicals which contains carcinogenic agents? The side effects of Carcinogenic agents can be seen even after years of it penetrating in your skin. Using the harsh, non-organic colors can cause serious harm On the occasion of Holi, we spoke with Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, a well-known skin specialist in Delhi to learn more about the chemicals and heavy metals in the cheap Holi colors. She educates us on how to choose the right kind of colors, the harms and side effects of non-organic Holi colors, how to protect ourselves from the harmful chemicals and how to take care of your skin after playing Holi. From the team of Healthwire we wish everyone a happy and a very safe Holi!

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