All You Need To Know About Double Chin And Jawline Reduction

One of the most important and strikingly visible facial characteristic is our jaw line.

Dr Viral Desai, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai and Pune

One of the most important and strikingly visible facial characteristic is our jaw line. In men, a strong and sharp jaw line is a strong masculine factor; while in women, a sharp, chiseled jaw line is associated with youth, beauty and a slim balanced face.

A strong chin and jaw form the core components of an attractive face for women and men. When your chin lacks projection or your jaw line is not well defined, it gives the appearance of double chin, giving your face a bulkier squared off look, even if you’re young and fit.

At CPLSS, we also provide a non-surgical approach with botox and fillers, to define the chin and jaw line to sculpt attractive contours and avoid the need for a surgical facelift.

Considerations for the Chin

The chin is the central focal point of the lower face and in many ways is key to highlight the attractiveness of the entire face in general. The chin shape, height, width, and projection are all important, and they are guided by gender and the underlying bone, fat, and muscle. However, playing around with the contours of the chin is easy with fillers.

A small injection of Botox into the mentalis muscle can also help improve the projection and sharpness of the chin.

Considerations for the Jaw line

The jaw line extends from the chin to the angle of the mandible at the back, and forms a border separating the face from the neck. It is shaped by the underlying bone, but the presence of excess fat can affect the definition of the jaw line. Sagging cheek skin can also make the contour of the jaw line less sharp.


• Dr. Viral Desai is a Board Certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon and is also a trainer and instructor at Allergan, which specializes in the use of Botox and Fillers.

• After the initial consultation, examination and understanding your expectations, Dr. Viral Desai charts a treatment plan addressing all your problem areas.


Nonsurgical options

Nonsurgical options are ideally indicated for patients who have mild to moderate fat with an undefined jawline, a fairly well-defined chin area and minimal to moderate loose skin around the jawline.

• Commonly, Botox, Dermal fillers, Polydioxanone threads and fat dissolving injections such as Kybella are suggested in non surgical treatment. Combination of these procedures may also be required to achieve the perfect look.

• Botox is commonly given to treat hyperactive mentalis (chin) and masseter (angle of the jaw) muscles to get a well defined jawline from chin to the angle.

• Injectable fillers can be used to shape, define and enhance the contours of the jawline and chin.

• An important non-surgical option is Kybella to dissolve the neck and chin fat. If you have mild excess fat in the chin and neck fold areas, you can melt this fat with a melting agent called Kybella (deoxycholic acid) which is an FDA-approved injectable treatment to help reduce fat.

• Threadlifts targeting the jawline, lower cheek and chin area can produce a drastic change in the jaw contours.

Surgical options

Surgical options are for patients who have a fairly large amount of fat and loose skin around the neck and jawline areas. The main treatments are liposuction or neck lift or both. Another new technology is radiofrequency energy.

Neck liposuction

• If you have fat that is just under the skin and not under the muscles, liposuction of the neck and jawline area can be effective to remove fat and give a nice frame to the jawline.

• Mild to moderate skin tightening may be possible with liposuction as well.

• Results will last years or a lifetime since the fat is permanently removed.

Neck lift

• A neck lift allows the most access and best long-term results, because it targets all the structures that can make your jawline more defined – skin, fat, muscle, SMAS, salivary glands – can be addressed in one treatment to give maximal results that will last for years.


• This surgery combines chin liposuction and smaller incisions placed under the chin to tighten the muscles.

All procedures can help correct the appearance of a double chin. However, you may not be an ideal candidate for liposuction or submentoplasty if your skin is not very elastic and has a saggy appearance. Here, the doctor will usually recommend a neck lift.


Surgical reshaping of the jaw

Surgical treatments for correcting a bulky jawline include orthognathic or jaw correction surgery, which may also be done for functional purposes.

These procedures enhance and define the jaw or reduce the size of the bone to give the chin a slimmer look and give excellent permanent results.

Jawline surgery vs. fillers and Botox

Dermal fillers are another great option for people who want a more pronounced jawline, but prefer to avoid surgery. The best candidates for jawline fillers are those who already have a fairly pronounced jawline that they just want to enhance very slightly.

Botox treatment along the jawline can create a similar effect as jawline reshaping surgery, but Botox has a less permanent effect. Botox works to slim the masseter muscles which give the cheeks and overall face a bulky effect.

Key Takeaways:

• Selecting a highly experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can be the single most important deciding factor for your successful treatment.

• Hence take the time to find a good doctor and a well accredited clinic with good and positive patient reviews.

• Both women and men can benefit from injectable cosmetic treatments to create a contoured jaw line that frames the face and improves facial profile from different angles.

• However, there are differences in technique and contours to produce a difference in results for male and female patients and paying attention to these key details can ensure success.






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