All You Need To Know About Bipolar Disorder, Why And How It Takes Place

There are several reasons for being Bipolar Disorder and the most important of it is genetic and family history, like whether any of the family members had the same problem before or not.

Mental Health has become the most important and the most talked about issue in the Country during this pandemic. Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and this coronavirus pandemic has gave an ample light and focus on topics like mental health and Bipolar Disorder. It is said that Sushant Singh Rajput suffered from Bipolar Disorder and was under medication for the same.

Bipolar disorder is associated with a mental disorder which is formerly called manic depressive psychosis. It is a mental health condition and a phase of ranging mood swings from emotional highs (mania) to emotional lows (depression).

Changing mood swings can be very difficult to deal with as it can affect our daily life activities like our sleep habits, thinking process, energy, judgment, and our behavior. Sometimes you may feel extremely euphoric, very pleasant, and energetic and the other times you may abnormally feel irritated.

These mood swings can last for days or evens months, some people experience several symptoms of it while some may not, especially they are into their own delusional world. Though can be a lifelong problem it has a medical cure and a treatment plan which can make things better.

Rupa Jha, a doctor at institute of psychiatry and human behavior in Goa, talks to the Healthwire about the Bipolar Disorder:

What are the Symptoms and early signs of Bipolar Disorder?

There are can be several symptoms of Bipolar Disorder like mania, hypomania, and depression-like being upset or even having an extreme depressive episode. Behaving in an Abnormal or a wired way, increased activity, energy, and agitation, having an embellished sense of well-being and self-confidence (euphoria), a decrease in the need for sleep, too much impulsive, Unusual talkativeness, having a lot of thoughts altogether and distractions.

What are the treatments and medications do we have for Bipolar Disorder?

There are generally two types of treatments which we provide to a Bipolar disorder patient-

  • Mood stabilizer– It for everyone not just for mild symptom which can be treated by medication too.
  • Psychotherapy counseling– This is for the patients who need counseling which is the next stage

When to see a Doctor?

It is very difficult on the patient’s part to understand that the patient is going through any issue or problem, and it becomes very important on the family member’s part to recognize the behavior of the patient like the emotional instability and if you find any of the early symptoms or an extreme episode of it then do take medical help immediately.

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What is the cause of Bipolar Disorder?

There are several reasons for being Bipolar Disorder and the most important of it is genetic and family history, like whether any of the family members had the same problem before or not. Or, there can be reason for having family issues, or a bad childhood life, or sleeping problems. Stress is the main cause of it and the use of alcohol and drugs can also cause this mental disorder.

Are there proper symptoms of this or is it possible to not have any symptom of it?

It is definitely possible of not having any symptom of this sometimes, as the depressive episodes time gap and it may vary from time to time like from two years to three years and it is mostly associated with the amount of stress we go through. So sometimes we might not have a proper symptom of this.

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What are the risks involved in this?

There is a problem of awareness among people in rural areas where people do not have an idea about this problem and this can be a high risk for the other people or family members staying with the patient. Also, it can lead to a high risk of drug and alcohol abuse.
So, prevention becomes very important in such cases.

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